Monday, 7 May 2012

Free Tie in the Men’s Room

This post is about the importance of being fancy.

Have you ever found yourself in an inexpensive, fast-food-style restaurant and suddenly realized, “Holy crap I am not fancy enough for this place!” (don’t worry, I know we’ve all felt like that)?

Well, if you go to Monster Burger in Federal Way (just south across the street from the mall), you needn’t worry, because they have a handy free tie in the men’s room just for you!

This Tie Could Be Yours for the Price of FREE

This Tie Could Be Yours for the Price of FREE

Now you can be a fancyman in your fancy restaurant without fear of ridicule!

Seriously, though, I had never been to Monster Burger until earlier this year. It’s pretty good, and extremely reasonable for the portions that get served up. It is actually very clean and well-run. Plus instant fancyman accessory in the men’s room!

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