Friday, 18 May 2012

Social Week Means No Time for Posts!

Wotta week! It was especially intense on the social front: there were two barbecues, an out-of-town visitor, and the three-part season finale of NBC’s Community!

Mega Jeff

And what a three-part finale it was! The first episode saw all the characters’ likenesses digitized into a 16-bit, side-scrolling video game world (not an 8-bit one as was commonly stated). I particularly enjoyed that all of the poses and motions for Jeff’s avatar were based very closely on Mega Man. The whole aesthetic was very much like Mega Man crossed with River City Ransom crossed with Doki Doki Panic.

I am so relieved that Community was picked up for a fourth season, even though by all accounts it will be a half-season and definitely the final season (unless some sort of miraculous ratings increase happens). Still, I think four seasons is just right for a show about a four-year community college.


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