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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Keep in Touch

I’m back (again, more or less) to posting here more regularly. You probably already know this, but my website here is not the only place on the internets where I exist or post things. So I thought I’d make this handy list of all my online social existences with links to my profiles (and profile names in parentheses) so you can find and follow me a myriad of ways. Whenever there’s a new post on it usually ends up being posted to a handful of these places as well, or sometimes it’ll even appear in one of these places before it ends up here:

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my feed to stay the utmost up-to-date.

As you may have gathered from my posts in the past couple of months, 2012 has been kind of a shitty year for me what with loved ones dying and all. But it hasn’t been all bad, of course. Just last weekend (the one before the 4th of July) I had a staycation (I can’t believe I actually typed that horrendous word) that had some wonderful moments in it. And the 4th of July was also very nice, surrounded by my family of friends (and a couple of actual family members). We, of course, went to bed very early on the 4th, as is our tradition.

I’ve got a handful of things planned for for these next couple of weeks. Mostly reviews including at least one Movie Review and at least one Vidreoview, and possibly a quick book review or two! And maybe some music news! Who knows? Are you to be knowing? I am not to be knowing.

So keep in touch. Look me up.

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