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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel

Sure, this is almost an hour long. So turn off that gorram re-run of whatever crappy TV show you have on right now and watch this instead. This is important.

And it’s okay to cry.

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Julia Massey at Neumos

As this is being posted, Carrie & I are on our way up to Seattle to see the Open Mike Eagle show at Nectar Lounge. I pre-scheduled this post!

While we enjoy that excellent show, I thought I’d share some photos from another excellent show: Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount played Neumos in Seattle last Friday night. Yes, Neumos!

But even earlier in the day, something particularly awesome happened. World-renowned radio station KEXP played a JM+FFD song… and then immediately followed it with a song by The Jesus Rehab! Yes, a radio station played songs from two groups I’m actually friends with… one after the other. Don’t believe me? I got proof!

KEXP Screenshot

Proof! KEXP Screenshot

See? Lookithat! I took a screenshot of the KEXP playlist the moment it happened (I also plastered it all over Facebook and Twitter, so you’ve probably already seen it).

So that seemed like an auspicious thing to happen before their Neumos show. And it was a quite excellent show. Here are some crappy photos taken by my crappy camera phone!

Geoff Has Two Basses!

Geoff Has Two Basses!

Geoff Presides Over His Many Pedals; Dom Presides Over His Many Drums

Geoff Presides Over His Many Pedals; Dom Presides Over His Many Drums

Julia is So Glittery!

Julia is So Glittery!

Julia on Guitar (Still Very Glittery)

Julia on Guitar (Still Very Glittery)

Geoff & Julia: Mucho Rocking

Geoff & Julia: Mucho Rocking

It’s always nice to see JM+FFD at a real rock venue with a really good sound system. It was also great to see so many other Seattle music luminaries in the audience, like Three Ninjas and Robb Benson among others.

Well, I’m off to see Open Mike Eagle now. Maybe I’ll take some crappy camera phone photos of this show, too!

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Open Mike Eagle Comes to Seattle Tomorrow Night!

Open Mike Eagle, he of my “Album of the Month” right now, is bringing himself to Seattle Tuesday the 17th (tomorrow). Here, watch this adorable promo video Mike made for his tour:

See? Adorable. Plus my friend @HeartFeltRobots made the plush robot in the video! Plus-plus one of his opening acts is Three Ninjas. Plus-plus-plus it’s a FREE show! So be sure to join us at Nectar Lounge tomorrow evening for what promises to be an excellent show.

Just to whet your appetite, here is Mike’s just-released video for “Universe Man” from 4NML HSPTL:

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Keep in Touch

I’m back (again, more or less) to posting here more regularly. You probably already know this, but my website here is not the only place on the internets where I exist or post things. So I thought I’d make this handy list of all my online social existences with links to my profiles (and profile names in parentheses) so you can find and follow me a myriad of ways. Whenever there’s a new post on it usually ends up being posted to a handful of these places as well, or sometimes it’ll even appear in one of these places before it ends up here:

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my feed to stay the utmost up-to-date.

As you may have gathered from my posts in the past couple of months, 2012 has been kind of a shitty year for me what with loved ones dying and all. But it hasn’t been all bad, of course. Just last weekend (the one before the 4th of July) I had a staycation (I can’t believe I actually typed that horrendous word) that had some wonderful moments in it. And the 4th of July was also very nice, surrounded by my family of friends (and a couple of actual family members). We, of course, went to bed very early on the 4th, as is our tradition.

I’ve got a handful of things planned for for these next couple of weeks. Mostly reviews including at least one Movie Review and at least one Vidreoview, and possibly a quick book review or two! And maybe some music news! Who knows? Are you to be knowing? I am not to be knowing.

So keep in touch. Look me up.

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

“Of the Month” July 2012

Link of the Month:
You may know that I have a fascination with retro futurism, or paleofuturism as it is sometimes called. But I also love context for paleofuturism, and how contemporary popular culture shapes our worldviews. Retronaut is rapidly becoming my new favorite website with its archive of photos, advertisements, catalogs, and what-nots of the whole span of the 20th century (and a little bit on both ends of it). It is handily divided by decade, and offers some great insight into the mindsets of bygone eras. Retronaut’s slogan speaks volumes: “The Past is a foreign country. This is your passport.”

Album of the Month:
4NML HSPTL by Open Mike Eagle
Another smashing album by hip-hop stalwart Open Mike Eagle. How can you not love an album that references a couple They Might Be Giants songs and a Ben Folds song? The music was all produced by one producer, Awkward, and has an incredibly well-done spacey/electro/psychadelic fringe. This gives the album a very unified feel but at the cost of the wild, freewheeling diversity that marked Mike’s first two albums. My personal favorite is “4NML” (which references TMBG’s “Don’t Let’s Start”), a wonderfully literate and biting lament at the inadequacy of language to be able to accurately convey an artist’s message, which is a bold statement from someone who plies his trade with lyrics. In fact, the subtitle of “4NML” is “Korzybski’s Lament,” a reference to Alfred Korzybski, who basically invented the modern science of semantics back in the early 1930s. Other standouts are “Universe Man” (which references TMBG’s “Particle Man”), “Your Back Pack Past” (which reference’s Ben Folds’s “Your Redneck Past”), and the very funny “DanceBill,” which cautions against shaking your moneymaker because “that shit costs money, too.”

Game of the Month:
Tiny Tower
Sometimes I am a sucker for economic simulators. Tiny Tower is an adorable skyscraper simulator that in absolutely no way resembles what it would actually be like to build & run a skyscraper. You build floors, assign them residential or business purposes (like retail, recreation, food, service, and creative), give jobs to the people who live on the residential floors, stock shelves with products, and build more floors. I like it because you can either intently play it or play it as a poke-and-forget game that you only check for a few seconds every few hours. There are fun extras like missions, costumes, and dream jobs. You can see the progress of my Tiny Tower at any time here: Available for iOS and Android.

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