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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Emergency Transplant

Sorry I haven’t gotten my “Of the Month” updated yet for August. On the evening of the 1st had to perform an emergency surgery on my computers.

See, Big ‘Puter was off when I went into the office, which I thought was odd because I didn’t remember turning it off. So I pushed the power button and it turned on… for about three seconds. Then it powered down.


I just could not get it to stay on. So I had to open ‘er up and unplug the hard drive. I still have my tower from way back in the year 2000. I’ve been using it as kind of an external hard drive. So I opened that one up and stuck Big ‘Puter’s hard drive in there and turned it on.

It worked! Fortunately that means that none of the hard drive data was lost. Unfortunately that means that I have no idea why Big ‘Puter won’t stay on.

So since I have Photoshop on Big ‘Puter’s hard drive and it’s now in a computer with something like 64 Megs of RAM (you read that right), it makes it very difficult for me to do graphical stuff on this website, like resize and optimize my “Of the Month” images.

It looks like it’s time to re-evaluate my whole home computer setup. Any advice?

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