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Thursday, 9 August 2012

“Of the Month” August 2012

Link of the Month:
Creator’s Edge Press
Creator’s Edge Press is a truly independent comic book company. They help independent comic book book creators print and publish their comics and get them in front of as many people as possible (including digitally). They’re a young company but they’ve already got an impressive collection of back-issues. Check ’em out (I especially recommend “Jeff“). Support some indie artists.

Album of the Month:
Mega Ran (5th Anniversary Special Edition) by Random
Random AKA Mega Ran has a fascinating story, which I cover in-depth here. This is a re-mastered re-issue of his original Mega Man songs. They’re a fun and funny group that include songs about falling for Dr. Cossack’s daughter Kalinka, fighting Metal Man, and more, all with the actual music from the Mega Man games backing him up.

TV Show of the Month:
Adventure Time: Complete First Season
Easily one of the best cartoons of the past ten years, Adventure Time finally gets the respect it deserves from Cartoon Network and gets a full season 1 release on DVD (though not on Blu-Ray, oddly) instead of the weird collections of random episodes that they’d been putting out until now. If you’re not a fan of the show, well, you should be. It is funny and weird and childish and absurd and subversive. I love it to death. So can you!


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Monday, 6 August 2012

Olympic Gymnast Uses Legend of Zelda Music In Her Floor Routine!

In case you didn’t know, the Olympics are happening RIGHT NOW. I’m not a big sports person, but Carrie & I actually watch a bunch of the Olympics. I like them better than most sports because for the most part it isn’t about people with egos larger than their talents swaggering around and generally being douchebags.

But with some exceptions where pro sports people get to play (basketball, tennis), Olympic athletes are for the most part a different breed. They spend so much time developing their skillz that they don’t really have time to become douchebags. Or if they do their coaches smack them back into their places or just cut them completely.

And periodically something completely awexome happens during the Olympics. Like this, when Mexican gymnast Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas did her qualifying floor routine to a medley of music from The Legend of Zelda:

She didn’t qualify (she was competing with two pretty badly injured hands), but it was quite something nonetheless.

There is much more information on this gamer gymnast over on Kotaku. It’s a good read about her history with both video games and gymnastics, written by her sister Laura.

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Great Success!

Just watch the Curiosity landing live on the internets. Here’s the first tiny thumbnail photo from the surface of Mars!


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Are You Curious About Mars? Curiosity Rover Lands Tonight (Hopefully)! Science!

In about three hours something awexome is (hopefully) going to happen. NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover is going to touch down on Mars at approximately 10:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. If everything goes right. NASA made this pretty funny video about just how frikkin’ difficult this mission actually is. It’s called “Seven Minutes of Terror.”

You can watch live coverage (14 minutes delayed from the Red Planet) of the landing at — you best believe that I’ll be watching!


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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Emergency Transplant

Sorry I haven’t gotten my “Of the Month” updated yet for August. On the evening of the 1st had to perform an emergency surgery on my computers.

See, Big ‘Puter was off when I went into the office, which I thought was odd because I didn’t remember turning it off. So I pushed the power button and it turned on… for about three seconds. Then it powered down.


I just could not get it to stay on. So I had to open ‘er up and unplug the hard drive. I still have my tower from way back in the year 2000. I’ve been using it as kind of an external hard drive. So I opened that one up and stuck Big ‘Puter’s hard drive in there and turned it on.

It worked! Fortunately that means that none of the hard drive data was lost. Unfortunately that means that I have no idea why Big ‘Puter won’t stay on.

So since I have Photoshop on Big ‘Puter’s hard drive and it’s now in a computer with something like 64 Megs of RAM (you read that right), it makes it very difficult for me to do graphical stuff on this website, like resize and optimize my “Of the Month” images.

It looks like it’s time to re-evaluate my whole home computer setup. Any advice?

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Baman Piderman Marathon

The creators of Baman Piderman did something very awexome: they edited all of the episodes together to create one half-hour-long experience! It’s really a great way to watch them.

And now here is the newest episode, just released yesterday: “Play Da Song!”


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