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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pint Defiance: From the People Who Brought You The Rosewood Café

Several years ago a delightful (and very successful) little restaurant opened in North Tacoma, full of nummy sammitches and foodstuffs. It was called The Rosewood Café, and was owned/operated by Tacomen Barry & Renee Watson. And it was good.

Then in January they sold the Rosewood for apparently a rather tidy sum. The new owners said they’d try not to mess with a good thing, and so the Rosewood has continued much in the same successful vein.

The Watsons decided to relax. That lasted only a few months.

Barry, apparently itching for some action, began guest-bartending at The Red Hot on 6th Ave. And soon a plan was publicized: The Watsons were going to open a new business. Not a restaurant this time. A specialty beer store and taproom.

And thus on Monday the Watsons opened Pint Defiance: Specialty Beers & Taproom.

And we were there!

Pint Defiance

Pint Defiance

The place is pretty much exactly how I pictured it. There’s a wall of fridges with some 600 beers in them. Then just past that is a bar with 10 taps and a handful of tables for seating. It’s a cross between awesome and adorable.

We shared an apricot cider and a “Strong Start” Belgian beer, which was specially made as a limited edition for Pint Defiance by the brewers at E-9.

Apricot Cider & "Early Start" Belgian Beer

Apricot Cider & “Strong Start” Belgian Beer

The Strong Start was amazing: dark and rich but without that horribly bitter bite that I can’t stand. It was also such a limited edition that you couldn’t fill up your growler with it. So we instead filled up our growler with a milk stout (also dark & delicious) from a Puyallup brewery. The growler, by the way, was our old growler that we’d gotten at The Rosewood, complete with the little tattooed cowboy emblazoned on it. If you don’t have a Rosewood growler, though, don’t worry: they made tons of Pint Defiance growlers for the opening. We also got a handful of other beers (we’re going camping this weekend after all).

And it was good.

We look forward to getting our specialty beers (and enjoying a pint) at Pint Defiance for many years to come. So can you!

Pint Defiance
2049 Mildred Street West
Tacoma, WA 98466
11:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day

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