Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Hween 2012!

Hello, everyone! Today is my favorite holiday of them all, Halloween!

This was my first Halloween in which I actually owned my own sewing machine, so I went for a much more ambitious sewing project than usual. After looking around the internets for a few minutes trying to find a good template or instructional video, I figured out how to sew the head of my costume. Here is my costume for Hween 2012!

It's a-me! A Mushroom!

Super Mario Mushroom coming out of a Question Block

Just by happenstance the cardboard box I chose to be the Question Block ended up being 16″ × 16″ and the original Super Mario sprite for the Question Block just happens to be 16 pixels × 16 pixels. So I just made a one-inch grid on the backs of a big piece of orange and a big piece of black paper, and cut out all the shapes for the question mark and shadows. Easy-peasy!

Continuing with the same Super Mario theme, here are my punkins for Hween 2012:

It's a Shy Boo Punkin!

The Big Boo punkin is so shy when you’re looking at him!

But when you look away, Big Boo punkin is gonna getchoo!

But when you look away, Big Boo punkin is gonna getchoo!

I was not, of course, the only person to have a costume. On Saturday night Fools Play had its annual Halloween Show, and the whole cast was all costumed-up:

Lookit all dem Fools!

And, finally, here is Baman Piderman’s Halloween episode, “Ghost Night!” Enjoy!

Happy Hween E’rybody!

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