Sunday, 20 January 2013

Simon the Leper’s Kickstarter

Simon the Leper's Kickstarter

Simon Says, “You Are OK”

Good pal and Fools Play member Esa Hakkarainen (the Periwinkle Fool) has become the third Fool to be in a band that has had a Kickstarter campaign (after Geoff the Yellow Fool and Nathan the Orange Fool). Esa plays bass for the band “Simon the Leper,” which I can best describe as kind of a cross between spacey post-rock and screaming metal.

You can head over to their Bandcamp page to listen to an EP and a live album. Here’s a sample from the “You Are OK” EP (mixed by Geoff the Yellow Fool, incidentally):

And if you like what you hear, of course head on over to Kickstarter and toss in your two cents.

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