Monday, 6 May 2013

Important Birfday Announcement: Please Read!

Hello! Today is my birfday, ’tis true. But this announcement is not about MY birfday. It’s about another Birfday that is soon-to-be. For, you see…

Sonogram Photo!

That’s not a jelly bean…

Yes, it’s true! A small handful of you are already aware of this, but Carrie caught the preggers! Sometime around Halloween she will release our wee beb into the world. It’s terrifically exciting! HAPPY BIRFDAY TO ME!

So, some brief info: mum and baby both seem to be having a completely normal pregnancy. We won’t learn the gender for another 5-6 weeks. And we won’t reveal the baby’s name until AFTER it is borned.

But here is my pledge to you: none of my online places (this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) are going to transform into thousands-of-baby-photos-and-non-stop-updates-about-baby places. will continue to be my pop-culture reserve (though updates might happen even LESS frequently), and I am probably going to almost completely abandon Facebook (I still get on there for Fools Play and my work, so I’ll still check messages and notifications and invites) because, frankly, I now have more important things to do with my time than dink around on Facebook.

If you ARE interested in baby updates, let me know. I might start up a second blog or something if demand is high enough.


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5 thoughts on “Important Birfday Announcement: Please Read!”

  1. Neighbor Gary says:

    All I know is this, you two are two of the best people I know, and you are going to be absolutely wonderful parents!


  2. Kris says:

    You are NOT allowed to quit Facebook or refrain from posting baby stuff. Some of us wanna see that and are too far away to see it in person! 🙂 What you CAN do is set up a facebook group of the friends and family who want to see baby pics etc, and only post stuff there.

  3. christy schwenke says:

    congratulations. Please send me updates! and tell Carrie to call me!

  4. Rachel says:

    Yeah!! Congrats to both of you… Keep us updated, obviously. HUGS. -Rach

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