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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Adventures of Boudaville

This is perhaps the greatest piece of animation I’ve seen on the internet since Octocat. Here is “Adventures of Boudaville

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Jeremiah’s Robots

It’s true that the wife and I are having a wee beb. But of course we’re not the only ones. My friend Jeremiah and his wife are expecting a wee beb of their own in just a couple of weeks. Because they’re awesome, they’re doing a space-age-and-robots theme. And Jeremiah commissioned me to add to the room by doing a series of small robot paintings!

So I painted three 8″ × 10″ paintings. And here they are!




It was good to get back into painting; I hadn’t done anything like this for quite a long time.

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

This Saturday Night I’m Gonna Haul Ass

There are two exciting things going on this Saturday night:

Thing the First:
We are doing a brand-new format at Fools Play Improv, and I am very excited (and a li’l nervous) abouts it: It’s called “Fools Play Speed Run” and involves one of the Fools (hint: it’s me) playing and beating an old-school NES video game live on stage between improvised scenes—for REALS. No cheat codes, no save states, no Game Genie. This is an actual cartridge plugged into an actual console.

That happens at 8:00 PM at Mud Bay Coffee in Olympia.

Thing the Second:
IMMEDIATELY after I’m done with Fools Play, I will be jumping in my car and zooming all the way up to Ballard to see the Yellow Fool perform in this:

Noise For the Needy Poster Image


“This” is Noise for the Needy, a Ballard-centric festival of musics in which much of collected moneys will be donated to the food bank! This lineup includes some of the best bands in Seattle right now: The Jesus Rehab, The Great Um, and of course Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount (with the Yellow Fool on bass).

Since I won’t be leaving Oly until 10:00, I’ll be getting to the show long after its 9:00 start time, but that’s okay because JM+FFD are going on last! So I will still get to rock out with them (and The Great Um before them), but I will probably miss The Jesus Rehab *cries*

If any of my Seattle friends want to have an excellent time on Saturday night, they should meet me at Connor Byrne Pub!

And here’s a bonus: if any of my Tacoma/Olympia friends want to have an excellent time on Saturday night, they should come down and see Fools Play Improv, then head up to Seattle with me to watch some rockin’ musics! I am even willing to drive people from Olympia and back to Olympia if they’re not too keen on driving. It’ll be a late night, but well worth it!

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Famous Friends: Mike Eagle and TMBG Together!

My pal Open Mike Eagle has never made it a secret that one of his biggest influences is also my favorite all-time band, They Might Be Giants.

He has quoted them in a few of his own songs, and recently included a section from the obscure TMBG track “Weep Day” in a performance, which you can see here:

Well, this morning TMBG took notice!

That’s pretty awexome (so awesome it has an x in it). TMBG retweeted me once last month (when I tweeted about them and Joss Whedon being on the same episode of Jimmy Fallon’s show) and it ’bout gave me a heart attack:

So it’s great to see them acknowledging the Open Mike Eagle love. Well-deserved accolades for Mr. Eagle.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

“Of the Month” June 2013

YouTube Show of the Month:
banner_CoOptitude Co-Optitude
In their new YouTube show, Felicia Day and her brother Ryon try to play two-player, co-op video games. I say try because this show truly shows one of the greatest joys of playing co-op video games: completely screwing with the person you’re supposed to be helping. There is so much joyous profanity and accidental friendly fire in these episodes. They make me laugh quite an incredible lot. Plus the fact that they’re siblings makes Felicia’s and Ryon’s interactions just that much more hilariously bickering. Here’s my favorite episode so far, where they try desperately to play the “Goof Troop” video game:

Album of the Month:
1306album Superior Complaints by Locust Street Taxi
The latest album from our very own Orange Fool Nathan Geyer’s band! As usual it is full of quirky, funny, ska/jazz/funk/reggae/country-infused songs. This time they did a very careful job of partnering with some excellent producers and technicians, and so the production quality is through the roof. It sounds quite amazing. My favorite tracks include the brassy, swinging “Dear Carbon Nanotubes”; the straight-up reggae of “Midnight Snack (in Africa)”; and the frighteningly-accurate late-1980s R&B tribute “Swantown Inn” (complete with bonus rap interlude).

Game of the Month:
1306game Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards
A funny competitive card game wherein you try to make spells by combining the various spell-component cards in your hands to comedic and damaging effects. The titles of the spells end up often being squarely in the potty-humor realm, and the illustrations are of the gross-out variety a-la Ren & Stimpy et al. It’s completely juvenile, but it is a lot of fun, especially when you’ve got five or six people playing simultaneously. A game lasts until only one wizard hasn’t been killed, but an ingenious play mechanic lets the “dead” characters draw cards from a special “dead wizard deck” each round until the current game ends, and then use those cards in the next game. Sometimes they’re very useful! It is fast-paced and ridiculous, and I thoroughly enjoy playing it.

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