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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Famous Friends: Mike Eagle and TMBG Together!

My pal Open Mike Eagle has never made it a secret that one of his biggest influences is also my favorite all-time band, They Might Be Giants.

He has quoted them in a few of his own songs, and recently included a section from the obscure TMBG track “Weep Day” in a performance, which you can see here:

Well, this morning TMBG took notice!

That’s pretty awexome (so awesome it has an x in it). TMBG retweeted me once last month (when I tweeted about them and Joss Whedon being on the same episode of Jimmy Fallon’s show) and it ’bout gave me a heart attack:

So it’s great to see them acknowledging the Open Mike Eagle love. Well-deserved accolades for Mr. Eagle.

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