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Monday, 15 July 2013

Responsive Redesign Coming Soon(ish?)

Hey, folks,

For some reason in one of the busiest times of my life, I have decided to do a re-design of It’s not so much a visual re-design (though there will be some changes) as much as it is a back-end CSS overhaul. I’m making a TRULY responsive-designed site. That means that you’ll be presented with 100% of the same content no matter what screen you’re using to look at this website, but the layout will change automatically based on the resolution of that screen.

I haven’t done a major code overhaul since I switched to WordPress many, many years ago. So it’s time. Unfortunately I’m already like four movie reviews behind (soon to be five), and, y’know, my wife is practicing Pregomancy and that takes up a lot of both of our times. Growing an entire person from scratch is a lot of work!

I probably won’t be done any time soon because there’s so much going on (including Fools Play getting a new venue and all of the promotion that needs to be done for that).

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