Monday, 23 September 2013

Epic Julia Massey Animated Gifs

Last Friday the 20th was Julia Massey’s single release party for the epic song “The Story of the Earth, So Far.” It was a pretty epic show, opened by the Summer Januaries and Pocket Panda.

As is my habit with JM+FFD shows recently, I took a bunch of crappy cell phone photos and let Google stitch them together into animated gifs! Unfortunately my location in the crowd didn’t afford me a good angle to get all 3 members of the band in the photos (Dom is kinda hidden behind Julia). Nonetheless they are pretty epic themselves. Let them load completely and enjoy:

JM+FFD Live at the High Dive 9/20/13!

A typical scene: Geoff fiddles with his pedal board while Julia rocks out.

JM+FFD Live at the High Dive 9/20/13!

You can kinda see Dom’s head peek out from behind Julia in this one…

JM+FFD are next gonna be at Conor Byrne in Ballard on October 12th. I probably won’t be at that one, what with it being a Saturday night (not to mention an impending baby). But you shouldst go!

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