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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

“Of the Month” October 2013

Tweeter of the Month:
Welcome to Night Vale @NightValeRadio
Hilarious musings on life, emptiness, nature, and the void, full of existential angst and mysterious, sideways-glimpsed horrors. One of the most consistently funny twitter accounts I’ve ever come across.

Podcast of the Month:
Welcome to Night Vale Welcome to Night Vale
Not content with merely having an hilarious twitter account, Night Vale also has one of the best podcasts of the past many years. A faux news broadcast about a small, fictional town (Night Vale) somewhere in the vast, uncompromising desert, where strange and Lovecraftian things happen with a regularity that borders on complacency and nobody seems terribly alarmed that no dogs are allowed in the dog park, indeed people are not allowed in the dog park, but hooded figures (that you’re not allowed to approach) can occasionally be glimpsed within. The perfect funny Halloween podcast.

T-Shirt of the Month:
All Hail the Glow Cloud All Hail the Glow Cloud
This design is based on the happenings in Episode 2 of the Welcome to Night Vale Podcast. Why, yes, this month is a themed “Of the Month” selection. Why do you ask? At any rate, this shirt also glows in the dark and has the Night Vale logo emblazoned on the back of it. Still nobody can figure out where the glow cloud went, where it came from, or why it dropped so many animal carcasses on our small town. Wear the shirt. Live the shirt. Hail the glow cloud.

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