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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The First Day of Halloween!

It’s no real secret that Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. This one will be a bit different than usual, though, what with a wee beb due on the big day!

My pal Taisha likes to celebrate Halloween on every day of the month. Much like there are 12 days of Christmas, there are also 31 days of Halloween! Therefore yesterday (Tuesday) was the First Day of Halloween!

But not only is it Halloween in the good ol’ RL, it’s also Halloween in Animal Crossing New Leaf! Yesterday I was visited by a spirit in the middle of my rose garden:

Jack in Animal Crossing New Leaf

It’s Jack, the Pumpkin K… no, wait, not that Jack.

Jack told me to collect scary masks all month long so come Halloween Day I could scare the living crap outta the animals in my town. Sounds good to me! I got a ghost mask and a bug mask so far. Sorry, a scary ghost mask and a scary bug mask. I’m also collecting Halloween candy! Presumably the candy isn’t for scaring villagers.

Not only that, but in the Nooklings’ store some rather exciting furniture appeared:

Spooky Couch from Animal Crossing New Leaf

My sofa will scare the crap outta you!

I’m gonna fill the back room of my house with this stuff! Also, back in RL, I’m gonna totally decorate the crap outta my house this week with all sorts of things like skelebones and punkins and bats and black-and-orange paper chains and HOORAY FOR THE MONTH OF HALLOWEEN!

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