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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Photos of The Mighty Mighty Chitons, Three Ninjas, & The Old Salt 10/8/13

Tuesday evening I went down to Oly-town to see The Mighty Might Chitons, Three Ninjas, and The Old Salt perform at Le Voyeur. I took some photos. Since it was very dark in there, many of the photos were plagued with darkness and blurry-ness. Here are the créme-de-la-créme (click for larger, you know the drill):

It was funny that two of the musical acts had plural names (The Mighty Mighty Chitons and Three Ninjas) but all of the acts were comprised of just one person. We all joked that The Old Salt should be The Old Salts.

It was unfortunately a small audience despite my pushing people to come, but man was it a good audience! The tightness of the space also helped create a certain intimacy. A special shout-out to the audience member known only as “Q” who did some excellent hype-man work for Three Ninjas. It was a fun night!

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