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Monday, 14 October 2013

A Friday Night Doggo Adventure

Late last Friday night I headed out to hang out with some friends, as happens sometimes. I am trying to work in as much friend hangout time as I can before the wee beb arrives. Anyhoo, I was driving east on S 12th St, as happens sometimes. I saw some movement out of the corner of my left eye, and I glanced over and there, up ahead, were two very small dogs just running all the heck over the road. Across all four lanes, in and out, juking and jiving. Just not paying a single iota of attention.

I passed them and then immediately turned on my hazard lights and pulled a U-turn. The dogs were generally heading west, so I pulled (slowly) up behind them with my blinkers going so that nobody would come up and run them over. They pranced up the street about a block, then turned down a side street. I followed.

I thought maybe they were returning home, but it quickly became clear that they had no particular destination. They were running into everyones yards, skipping down the street, wrestling, lapping water from puddles, all without any indication whatsoever that they were aware that they were in the street.

Eventually I was able to pull up alongside them and stop. There was a brown one and a black-and-white one. I opened my door and swiveled so my feet were in the street and called out to them. The brown one went, “Oh boy! Friend!” and bounded over to me. The B&W one was a little bit more timid or suspicious, but still came over to the car.

Neither one of them had on collars, of course. No identifying tags.

Well, I thought, I can’t let them run around in the street. It was dark and they were so inattentive that the chances of them not getting hit by a car were very low. The brown one was happily sniffing around my legs and letting me pet him, so I scooped him up and deposited him in the passenger seat, where he proceeded to start wagging his li’l tail.

The B&W one got very curious as to where the brown one went, so I scooped him up as well and deposited him next to the brown one. It was obvious that these weren’t strays, or at least not long-term strays. They were well-fed and extremely friendly.

I closed my car door and called my wife to tell her what had happened. She said they could stay the night in our bathroom.

So I drove back to the house and one-at-a-time brought them inside and deposited them in my bathroom before leaving again and hanging out with my friends for the evening. Yes, I left two strange dogs in the house with my pregnant wife. What? It was her idea!

Do You Know These Doggos?

Do You Know These Doggos?

Carrie gave them some food while I was out (one of them would throw it up all over the bathroom before morning), and when I got home I took Suki’s collar, adjusted it so it was much smaller, and took them out one at a time for potty.

Suki, by the way, thought that this was possibly the coolest thing that had ever happened. She was so excited that she was freaking out. She was slapping the ground and darting around randomly, like a gigantic bird. It was so cray-cray!

Saturday Morning early we loaded them in the car and drove down to the Humane Society, where it was discovered that they of course did not have microchips in them. So we left them there in the hopes that their owner(s) would contact the Humane Society when they discovered their pets were missing.

And that was our Doggo Adventure.

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