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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy 30th Day of Halloween: The Crazy Boy Floyds’ “Haunted House”

haunted house

Original (much less creepy and non-pixellated) Photo by Gordon Werner


Tomorrow is Halloween!

Let’s celebrate with one of my all-time favorite Halloween Songs, “Haunted House” by The Crazy Boy Floyds! Here are all 31 of the monsters that grace this song:

  1. Skeleton
  2. Boogeyman
  3. Black Cat Without Any Hair
  4. Werewolf
  5. Headless Man
  6. Zombie in a Wheelchair
  7. Mummified Mr. Hyde
  8. Scarecrow Still Stuck on Its Post
  9. Cackling Bat
  10. Severed Rat
  11. Phantom Possessed by a Ghost
  12. Vampires
  13. Swamp Creatures
  14. All Things that Menace and Lurk
  15. Devil Dog
  16. Creeping Fog
  17. Putrid Ghoul Caked in Drool
  18. Mad Scientists and Their Work
  19. Grim Reapers
  20. Eye Spiders
  21. Owl
  22. Witch
  23. Goblin and Friend
  24. Red Diablos
  25. Gibdos
  26. Stalfos
  27. Giddy Goons
  28. Empty Pants
  29. Future Blob
  30. Man-Eating Plants
  31. “Them”

All the monsters ‘neath the moon join their awful tentacles
Raise their hard-to-stomach heads and form a Hellish chain
Howl a horrid song, it’s a glorious bad dream
May the whole world sing along
To our 8-Bit Halloween!

Play the song:

Right-click here and “Save As” to download the song:
Haunted House

Enjoy! For tomorrow is Halloween!

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