Monday, 28 October 2013

A Very Happy Fools Play Trick or Treat 2013!

Last Saturday was Fools Play Improv‘s annual Halloween spectacular: “Fools Play Trick or Treat!” All the Fools dress up in costume, and we encourage the audience to do the same:

Fools Play Costumes Halloween 2013

Fools Play Costumes Halloween 2013

From left to right:

  • Kalum as: The first black astronaut to land on the moon (who was subsequently edited out of all the footage)
  • Andre as: Casey Jones from TMNT
  • Josh as: a Sim
  • Michael as: Huey, Dewy, and Louie pretending to be a completely normal adult
  • Hilary as: Hipster Ariel
  • “You” as: a Jack-o-lantern
  • Me as: A Yip-Yip alien from Sesame street!

I really like the way my costume came out. I don’t think it was the most original idea; I’ve seen photos of other people dressed up in Yip-Yip costumes. Personally I think Mike’s costume was the most creative of them all, but mine was more impressive from a production standpoint.

The Fools Play Audience Halloween Costumers 2013

The Fools Play Audience Halloween Costumers 2013

From left to right:

  • A very sexy witch
  • “Happiness” (the emotion)
  • A woman who is putting herself through veterinary school by stripping in the evenings
  • Judge Red Devil (a recurring Fools Play character)’s daughter
  • Herbert I. “Hi” McDunnough from Raising Arizona
  • A steampunk lady
  • A crazy doctor
  • A were-Wolverine

The H.I. McDunnough costume was uncanny, just spot-on, so it won the audience costume contest. The diapers and the pantyhose on the head and everything!

It was a very entertaining show (I thought) and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was so good to see Hilary there; hadn’t seen her since she had her son a few weeks ago!

Three Ninjas came down and also seemed to have a great time:

Three Ninjas at Fools Play

LL Cool Threeni

And, weirdly, the Yip-Yip alien seemed to be quite a hit with the ladies:

Yip-Yip & Devil

She-devils love themselves some aliens

Sexy Vet Stripper & Yip-Yip Alien

Veterinary student strippers love them some alien

And it was a show that was enjoyed by all ages, even babies!

No, that isn’t Hilary’s baby; it’s just a random baby from the audience

Hooray for Halloween! It was a great evening. It will also probably be my last Fools Play for several weeks, what with my own wee beb on the way and all. ^_^

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