Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fools Play: Esa the Animated GIF

I surreptitiously took a series of photos of last Saturday’s episode of Fools Play Improv. Then I let Google stitch them together into an animated GIF. The results are comical! Watch as Esa the Periwinkle Fool gets animated (and Josh the Maroon Fool cracks up). I believe he was encountering a bidet in this scene:

Fools Play Improv Animated GIF

Esa’s Animated Bidet Explorations!

Anyway, all y’all should come see Fools Play this Saturday (10/26/13) because it’s our big Halloween show: Fools Play Trick or Treat! There’s an audience costume contest, all the Fools will be in costume, and there’s a bunch of candy and prizes given out!

I might see you there. It kinda depends on when a wee beb happens. Y’know.

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