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Monday, 4 November 2013

Julia Massey Releases a Surprise Album of Songs From the Nook!

Baby bliss is going great! Avery is a bundle of joy, etc. Remember to go for all the updates on her.

Anyway, there was a nice surprise at the beginning of this week: Julia Massey released an album! Surprise!

It’s a fascinating album: 30 songs, all of them under 94 seconds long, and all of them written & recorded in under 2 hours!

It’s called Songs From the Nook (which I assume refers to the nook in the house where it was recorded, not a Nook e-reader. It is available for download from Bandcamp right now!

It wasn’t a complete surprise, I must say. About a month ago Julia released a video on her YouTube channel. It was a strange, short, wordless little bit of happy:

So I knew that something was up. Plus there had been some enigmatic tweets like these:

Anyway, I love quirky projects like this. It’s like an album full of the musical equivalent of haiku poetry. I love short songs; you get one developed idea, get in, and get out before it outlives its welcome. They Might Be Giants reveled in the form with “Fingertips” (from Apollo 18), and short songs can be absolute masterpieces: “Spider” bt TMBG, “I Just Want My Pants Back” by The Crazy Boy Floyds, and “A Quiet Room” by Tangentbot are some of my all-time favorite songs. I wouldn’t be surprised if a gem or two from this album got added to my regular rotation!

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