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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Mind Readers Are Coming To Your Town!

The Jesus Rehab: Mind Readers Music Video Premiere

We’re all slaves to the Lizard King…

December 2nd will the the world premiere of The Jesus Rehab’s new music video for their not-yet-released song “Mind Readers” (a.k.a. “We’re All Slaves to the Lizard King”)! There’s something a wee bit extra-especial about this video. You see, I just happen to be all up in it! That’s right! It’s a rock music video featuring Christopher Grant Harris dressed up in his finest “1930s Banker” outfit!

It should be a pretty fun video. We had a lot of fun filming it at any rate:

Wot the...?

Wot the…?

Speaking of the Jesus Rehab, their current Kickstarter is still running; if you have not yet kicked in some of yo dolla-dolla billsz, you shouldst do so now—they need your help.

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