Friday, 29 November 2013

Great Ideas From the Internet: Japanese Butter Grater!

Easy Butter: A Better Butter Grater from Japan

Finally: the Solution to All Life’s Problems!

Y’know how if you have refrigerator-cold butter and you wanna spread it on a piece of bread, that just ain’t gonna happen? It’s too durned stiff!

Well, now Japanese company Metex has created the perfect solution: The “Easy Butter” butter grater!

You just toss in a stick of butter and twist the contraption, and out comes vermicelli-style butter noodles! You can then spread these to your heart’s content on account o’ their softness.

It actually is a pretty ingenious little device, a variation of a cheese grater but designed specifically for butter (though according to their website you can use it on cheese).

The thing is, it’s just so huge. Lookit that thing! And also, who puts this much butter on their bread:

Easy Butter on Toast

Slow down there! Heart-attack alert!

It is available to purchase online for all the occasions where you might wanna transform your stick of butter into noodly goodness.

Via Laughing Squid

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