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Thursday, 5 December 2013

WHO are the New Fools of Fools Play Improv?

Last Saturday the crew at Fools Play Improv got two new full-time Fools: Kalum the Teal Fool and Andre the Crimson Fool!

They’re the latest in a long line of Fools, stretching back decades. To commemorate the event, Fools Play released this promotional image showing all of the Fools in chronological order:

Who Are the Fools?

Who Are the Fools?

Of course, a couple of hours later they released another photo with this message:

Errata: Fools Play recently posted an image that we identified as all of the Fools in chronological order. It has since come to our attention that the image actually depicts time lords. We have corrected the image. Fools Play regrets the error, as does NPR, curiously. And congrats again to the new Teal Fool and Crimson Fool!

100% Accurate.

100% Accurate.

It was a very exciting night for me, because I actually went down to my first Fools Play in over a month! I did a run-in during the last couple of minutes of the show and (with help from a puppet) delivered the Crimson shirt to Andre. There were a lot of Fools in attendance for this night!

Lookit dem Foo's!

Lookit dem Foo’s!

There have now been 14 colored-shirt Fools! That’s more than there have been Doctors! Who are they? Find out all about ’em here!

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