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Monday, 27 January 2014

New Article: Album (P)review: The Jesus Rehab’s “The Zoo at Night”

The Brothers Cortese: The Jesus Rehab. (Photo source)

The Brothers Cortese: The Jesus Rehab (photo source).

I write quite a bit about music on this website. You might have noticed. At times it seems like this website is about little else. It’s strange for me, seeing as how music played a rather insignificant role in my life when I was younger. Now pretty much ALL of my friends are musicians. And so am I!

So I was extremely honored when I was approached by Seattle rock musicians The Jesus Rehab, who gave me an advance copy of their latest album long before it was available to the public and asked if I might write something about it. I said that I would. So here we are!
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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Prom Queen: Rated XXX (Root Beer)

Drinking the Blues Away.

Drinking the Blues Away.

Back in September I wrote about Prom Queen (aka Celene Ramadan, aka chiptune musician Leeni) and her very exciting and ambitious Kickstarter campaign to make a 12-song album with 12 accompanying videos that, when strung together, will form a full-length film.

The Kickstarter campaign was obviously a success. How could it not be? It was an awesome idea.

The expected delivery date is April 2014, so I’m excitedly anticipating that. In the meantime, though, filming chugs on. One video has been completed and released, the video to “Can’t Seem to Cry.” And a big chunk of it just happened to be filmed in one of my all-time favorite restaurants:


XXX Root Beer, Photo by brewbooks

Photo by brewbooks Creative Commons License

If you don’t know about XXX Root Beer…

  1. Shame on you!
  2. Listen up, ’cause I’m gonna break it down for you.

XXX Root Beer is a burger joint in Issaquah:

It is probably my favorite burger joint in the state, despite its distance from Tacoma. They have amazing, huge, incredibly-sloppy burgers (but don’t ask for a fork & knife no matter how sloppy they are). But since their name is XXX Root Beer, they’re known of course for their homemade root beer floats. These things are gargantuan and come in mugs the size of your face. Not only do they have scoops of ice cream in them, but the mug is garnished with a scoop of ice cream on the rim.

Just check out their menu and become a believer.

Now here’s the video. It should be pretty obvious which part is filmed at XXX:

One of my favorite musicians and one of my favorite restaurants = two great tastes that taste great together!

More info:

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Incanus at the Josephine This Saturday

Gandalf in the South!

Gandalf in the South!

Esa the Periwinkle Fool of Fools Play Improv is quite the busy musical beaver lately.

(This is the color Periwinkle)

He not only has his solo noise/folk/weird project The Old Salt (who has played on the same bills with the likes of Three Ninjas and Julia Massey), but he’s also in the band Incanus from Whatcom County. Also, the name of the band is one of Gandalf’s names in Middle-Earth (according to The Two Towers (the Book), it’s his name “in the south”). So there’s that.

This Saturday, the 25th of January, Incanus is on a bill at the Josephine!

Sat, Jan 25.

Saturday, the 25th of January.

A warning about the Josephine, though: it is only technically a music venue. Basically imagine that someone converted a garage into a music venue. That’s about it; it’s definitely BYOB. And last I heard they allowed smoking.

I shan’t be at this show as I have already committed to this weekend’s episode of Fools Play. But if you’re up in Seattle and unable to make it to Oly to see me, you should probably check out the Periwinkle Fool and the Grey Wizard.

Black Beast Revival/Sumo/Incanus/Cutlass Supreme @ The Josephine (Facebook event)
Saturday, January 25th @ 9:30 PM
The Josephine
608 NW 65th, Seattle, 98177

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Monday, 20 January 2014

It’s Raining Hellfyre (Club): DvT Video & Tour!

The Hellfyre Club Looms Large

The Hellfyre Club Looms Large.

The Hellfyre Club is a Los-Angeles based rap collective that includes some of the very best in indie rap nowadays. It includes (but is not limited to):

  • Nocando
  • Open Mike Eagle
  • Busdriver
  • milo

And more!

A couple months ago they put out a compilation album of sorts, with the rather politically-charged title of Dorner vs. Tookie. And just last week they released the video for the title track “DvT,” featuring six different performers! It’s pretty epic:

And next month they’re going on a whirlwind tour all over the frikkin’ place. I’ve highlighted the relevant date/location:

2/11/14 – Fullerton, CA @ Slidebar (Free Show)
2/14/14 – San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room
2/15/14 – Ashland, OR @ Lounge South
2/17/14 – Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile
2/18/14 – Portland, OR @ Star Theatre
2/21/14 – Denver, CO @ The Marquis
2/22/14 – Fort Collins, CO @ Road 34
2/24/14 – Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
2/25/14 – Milwaukee, WI @ Mad Planet
2/26/14 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Tavern
2/27/14 – Chicago, IL @ Schubas Tavern
2/28/14 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Pyramid Scheme
3/1/14 – Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Tavern
3/3/14 – Montreal, QC @ Il Motore
3/6/14 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
3/9/14 – Washington, D.C. @ DC9
3/10/14 – Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor (Free Show)
3/11/14 – Atlanta, GA @ Purgatory Room

You’d best believe I will be there, even though February 17th is a Monday night and we have a wee beb. There’s little to no chance that Carrie will make it since it is a Monday night and we have a wee beb.

Will I see you there? Best believe!

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Friday, 17 January 2014

The Powerpuff Girls Return… with Ringo Starr!?

He's Not One of the Beat-Alls...

He’s Not One of the Beat-Alls…

The The Powerpuff Girls, like Futurama before it, is kinda proving to be the series that wouldn’t die. It aired its last episode in 2004, but then in 2009 it popped back up with a 10th Anniversary Special. That one was different from the series in that it was animated with Flash instead of hand-drawn.

Now this coming monday we’re getting another special! This one is called The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed. It’s apparently about an evil Dance Dance Revolution type of video game or something? This one is different from both the series and the 10th Anniversary Special in that it is animated with CGI.

Also Ringo Starr voices (and lends his likeness to) a character named Fibonacci Sequins, and he actually recorded an original song, which you can listen to and watch here in this video:

There’s no way to know whether or not the visuals in that video are indicative of the special’s videos as a whole, but it is an intriguing look. I don’t know if it’s a good look for the Powerpuff Girls, though. I’m reserving judgment until I see the special.

Troubling, though, is the fact that apparently Craig McCracken, the creator of Powerpuff Girls, is not involved in the making of this special! It’s being made by one of the guys who directed some of the episodes of the cartoon, but to have the creator of a show not involved in a special is not a good sign.

That said, I still plan on watching it! And I am watching it in the hopes that it will be good. Probably not as good as the 10th Anniversary Special was, but (again) I’ll reserve judgement until I see it.

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nerd Metal: Give This Gunslinger a Kick!

First Full-Length Album from Gunslinger.

First Full-Length Album from Gunslinger!

Do you like Science Fiction? Do you like good Metal music? Well, then let me introduce you to Olympia’s Gunslinger. They’re a three-person metal band. In their own words:

We are Gunslinger. A particularly lethal combination of beer, science fiction and METAL!

They’d like to record their first album, and like most indie bands nowadays they’ve turned to Kickstarter to help with the funding. Here is their pitch video:

Gunslinger only has 10 days to meet the goal, and they have quite a long ways to go, so kick in what you can! If you’re undecided, you can listen to some demos and watch some videos at their Reverbnation page and follow them on their Facebook Page. Plus, look at the art they’ve had made up for the album cover!

I, for one, staunchly believe that the world needs more sci-fi metal music, and I’ve put my money where my mouth is (as much money as I can spare seeing as how I currently am taking care of a wee beb) and have spread the word here. SO CAN YOU!

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Trivia Gold: Gift Cards at E-9

We are fortunate to live within easy distance of many great Tacoma restaurants on 6th Ave: (from East to West) Dirty Oscar’s Annex, Gateway to India, Shakabrah, Medi’s, Marrow, Asado, Masa, Primo Grill, El Guadalajara, & The Red Hot. And, of course, Engine House No. 9 (or “E9” as it’s commonly known).

E9, Tacoma. Photo by Gexydaf.

E9, Tacoma. Photo by Gexydaf. Creative Commons License

E9 is a restaurant and brewpub that is built into an historic firehouse, one that is so old that it used to house a horse-drawn fire engine. In fact, the interior of the restaurant still has the stalls where the horses were kept, with the horses’ names still affixed to each stall. E9 also has an excellent trivia night every Wednesday. There are several rounds, and the winner of each round gets a gift card that can be used at E9, Masa, or Asado.

Well, for the past long, long while a small group of pals have been gathering at E9 (almost) every Wednesday evening to partake of the trivia night. And (almost) every trivia night we have won a gift card in one of the rounds. Carrie & I didn’t go very often in 2013 because of a for-reals pregnancy and then a wee beb. But we’ve gone a few times since the beb was borned. And last week we decided that we didn’t want to cook, and we didn’t want to pay for food. So it was time to cash in some of those gift cards. So we small group of pals gathered and out came all of the gift cards we’d collected over the many, many weeks of victories. It was pretty spectacular:

Pick a gift card, any gift card…

Pick a gift card, any gift card…

Needless to say we ate for free that night. And needless to say we will be back, because the food there is really, really good!

Will we be going to E9 again tonight for trivia? Who knows? We’re playing it all by ear right now, depending on how we and the wee beb all feel. But maybe we’ll see you there sometime soon…

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