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Thursday, 27 February 2014

I can’t stop laughing at this.

Aaaugh, I hurts now! From laughters!

Thanks, Mary Lambert!

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Open Mike Eagle Definitely Qualifies: New Video and Album Deal!

Much respect.

Much respect.

I’m super stoked for my pal Mike Eagle, with whom I hung out with just a week-and-a-half ago. He has signed a three-album deal with Mello Music Group! They’re going to be releasing his upcoming LP Dark Comedy.

To celebrate, Mike has released the official music video for his extremely entertaining song “Qualifiers,” which not only has a hilarious send-up of hip-hop braggado, especially in the chorus…

We’re the best, mostly
Sometimes the freshest rhymers
We the tighest, kinda
Respect my qualifiers

…but it also ends with an epic quoting of “Weep Day,” a rather obscure, early B-side by They Might Be Giants! Here, watch:

Good times… good times…

Good on ya, Mike! This is unqualified awexome news.

(Via Passion of the Weiss)

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Toothy Grin presents The Hoots Hoots, Friends and Family, The Jesus Rehab, and Julia Massey + the FFD!

Cheshire Cat ain't got nuffin' on me! Julia Massey & The Jesus Rehab at the Tractor.

Cheshire Cat ain’t got nuffin’ on me!

The Month of Many Musics continues! Last Friday wee beb Avery got to listen to a bunch of ladies do a bunch of Violent Femmes covers at Cafe Racer. Then on Saturday night Carrie & I got to see one of Julia Massey’s songs (“The Story of the Earth So Far“) transformed into a ballet. I didn’t tell you about that one here, did I? I got a baby, I been busy being happy! Lay off! Here’s what it was:

Anyhoo, Thursday night (yes, another school night) there will be a pretty epic show at Tractor Tavern featuring four of the best Seattle-based bands around, including my two faves:

So, yeah, that looks pretty durned good. In addition to so many good musics, this show is also in an unusual round-robin format, where each band will play more than one small set throughout the evening.

Also, Carrie can’t go, so anybody wanna be my date? *winku*

More info:
Toothy Grin presents The Hoots Hoots, Friends and Family, The Jesus Rehab, and Julia Massey + the FFD! (Facebook event)
Thursday, February 27th 8:00 PM
@ Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle
21+ $6

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Olympic Skeleton Helmets

Helmets for a Skeleton's Skull.

Helmets for a Skeleton’s Skull.

I’m not much of a sports guy. I attended a Superbowl party this year, but it was one of only 3 sports events I’d watched in the past 12 months.

But I do enjoy me some Olympics. One of my favorite things about these 2014 Sochi Games?


A relatively recent addition to the Olympics (apart from two early competitions some 50+ years ago), Skeleton is basically the luge, except you go down the track on your belly, face-first.


What’s even more awexome than the sport itself is the fact that they let the competitors customize their own helmets. This has led to some spectacular sights careening down an ice track.

I don’t want to step on anyone’s copyright toes (lame) by including images here on my website, but just click this link to do a Google Image Search for “Sochi Skeleton Helmets” —

You’ll be glad you did.

Whelp, I’m off to work now, and then this evening I’m off to Seattle to see Robb Benson and Nice Garçons! You should come to that, too! You’ll be glad you did.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Musical Adventure at Cafe Racer with Robb Benson & Nice Garçons!

This Friday Night!

This Friday Night!

Continuing a February full of awexome musics, this Friday up at Cafe Racer in Seattle’s U-District (very near Ravenna Park) there’s gonna be a show put on by a bunch of people I really like:

Robb Benson & the Shelk
Seattle musical mainstay Robb Benson will be performing a set. This is the “Shelk” version of Robb Benson, just one of about a dozen bands/incarnations of this musician. On drums for the Shelk this evening will be Dom Cortese, drummer for The Jesus Rehab and The Five Finger Discount!

Nice Garçons
This group fascinates me. I haven’t heard them yet; in fact I’ve only just recently heard of them. But kinda like a supergroup, Nice Garçons is made up of various musicians and artists of many types, all brought together:

The description of this group is a bit mystifying:

If you love the Violent Femmes, then you will truly be entertained by the Nice Garçons. Seven Lovely Ladies execute a Performance Piece Musical Adventure!

Those people with that diverse skillset, plus that description? I don’t know what to expect, but I’m sold!

I don’t have any information about this act, other than what’s provided in the Facebook event:

featuring BONES, who not only makes the BEST Burger in town, but also plays Awesome Folky tunes!

I’m wondering if maybe this BONES character is one of the employees of Cafe Racer? I guess I’ll find out!

So that’s the show. Carrie & I are BOTH planning on being there, and seeing as how it’s an all-ages show, we might just bring a wee beb with us as well. Haven’t quite decided yet.

A Musical Adventure at Cafe Racer (Facebook event)
5828 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
Friday 2/21, 9:00 PM
FREE! All-ages

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, Milo, and Busdriver of the Hellfyre Club were at The Crocodile Last Night!

And so was I!

Hellfyre burns up the Crocodile.

Hellfyre burns up the Crocodile.

The Hellfyre Club represents pretty much the best in rap today. I always try to see them whenever they’re in town, so it was especially nice to have four of them in one show for efficiency!

My friends Cassie and Sandy were there before the show, and we all hung out with Open Mike Eagle and ate pizza and geeked out about Netflix shows. Sandy made home-cookies for the Club, even! Mike left to go get prepped, and we three wandered to the stage area where we found Jason “Three Ninjas” Brunet.

The show started out with Nocando:

Nocando can actually do raps.

Nocando can actually do raps.

Then came my pal Open Mike Eagle, who had a very special guest guarding his equipment setup:

The Ice King watches over us all...

The Ice King watches over us all…

Since this is me, I managed to make an animated .GIF of Mike doing his thang:

Open Mike Eagle Animated.

Open Mike Eagle Animated.

It was a great set. After it he and I talked about his fandom of They Might Be Giants (I suggested he could do an entire set of just songs that reference/quote TMBG songs).

After Mike came Milo:

Milo was all highs and no lows.

Milo was all highs and no lows.

I’d never seen Milo before, and had only ever heard songs where he was one among many peformers, never his solo stuff. I was terrifically impressed! That was some good stuff.

And finally came the meistro Busdriver:

Busdriver likes to ushnu.

Busdriver likes to ushnu.

I managed to capture two animated .GIFs of him:

An unusually calm Busdriver.

An unusually calm Busdriver.

In the driver we trust.

Get on the bus! In the driver we trust.

And then once everybody had gone solo, all four of ’em got on stage together for another set of songs!

It was funtimes. Why weren’t you there? Oh, yeah, prolly ’cause it was on a Monday night, and I didn’t get home until almost 2:00 in the morning and had to get up at about 5:30 to get baby to her Grandparents and then get to work on time. Y’know. I’m feelin’ the sleeps today, but I tells ya, it was worth it.

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Monday, 17 February 2014

An Alien Invasion Dream with a Surprise Twist Ending!


Original photo by Andy Magee.

I have to tell you about this dream I had last night. Okay? Okay!

It started off as a standard Alien Invasion type of movie (yes, movie; it had camera angles and edits and was in 3rd person perspective). There were UFO sightings all over the world, but only at night. The UFOs were pretty standard flying-saucer types, but with a lot of blue and green neon accents. Very cool visuals. Each one was only about as long as a city bus.

Pretty soon they started showing up en masse, descending on cities all over the world. Everyone started to panic and run around. A family of which I my character was a member—a teenaged son I believe (yes, in the dream I was not playing myself, and the family had no real-world counterpart; they were just made up for this dream)—piled into a van and there was a really cool action scene of us trying to escape the pursuit of a couple of these Flying Saucers. The van would screech down city streets, the water on the nighttime roads throwing off crazy reflections of the neon Flying Saucers darting overhead, dodging other vehicles and panicking pedestrians.

The van skidded around a corner, across a small bridge over a canal, and down an alley that turned out to be completely congested with vehicles and fleeing people, fleeing in the opposite direction we were going. We screeched to a stop. Three more Flying Saucers were chasing everyone towards us down the alley as the two pursing us popped around the corner behind us and started closing in.

That’s when the Flying Saucers started shooting.

Bright green bursts appeared on the bottom of the Flying Saucers, and everything below them suddenly shuddered as if struck by a giant, invisible blanket. Then quickly gravity started to dissolve and everything underneath the Saucers became weirdly weightless and floated away from the ground, helpless people and vehicles alike, with drops of water sparkling all around and pebbles and stones rising up amongst them.

Then a dark blue blast shot down from the center bottom of the Saucer and struck a vehicle. It instantly collapsed in on itself for a moment like a black hole had been placed inside it, then a white sphere of light shot out of it for just a moment, then there was nothing but a quickly-falling amount of dust. The vehicle was just gone.

The Saucers started steadily advancing towards our van, picking off the helpless, floating people and vehicles with ease, each time a flash of dark blue light, a split-second sense that the object or person was collapsing inward, then a bright sphere of light and a pile of dust.

Seeing that there was no way that we could drive forward any more, and noticing that the Saucers were only attacking things on the street, I noticed an open door on the building to our left and ordered my family out of the van and inside. As we clambered out of the van towards the building, a terrified person nearby crouched down next to his car and clung onto the wheel for dear life. I remember thinking, “Those Saucers can make cars levitate. Does he really think that grabbing onto one is going to make him safe?”

Sure enough, bing-zap-poof, he had been levitated and reduced to dust.

We hid in the abandoned building as the Saucers efficiently went about their work outside, flashes of green and blue and white light peeking through the slats in the boarded-up windows. The noise and screams got steadily less and less, and soon the Saucers seemed to move on.

That’s when I noticed some movement in the darkness of the building. It was an alien in a space suit. It looked a lot like the classic “gray” alien: big head, almond-shaped black eyes. But it had the skeletal grin of the Mars Attacks aliens.

The dream jumped around quite a bit at this point. We escaped from the alien somehow. I realized that he was a ground spotter: he was part of a vast crew of aliens who directed the Saucers from the ground to make sure they didn’t miss any people, and also who went through the building themselves to clean them out. They had guns that did the same collapse-flash-dust special effect on any organic matter they shot (but only organic matter).

The dream jumped to much later in the story when all the cities had been abandoned. I’m not sure what happened to my family, but I was with a wild-eyed, ex-military guy. We were holed up in a small house somewhere in a wooded area. I had a gun. We were playing cat-and-mouse with an armed alien. The military guy lured the alien towards me and I got the drop on him and leaped out, firing my gun and shouting a mighty battle cry. The bullets *tinked* off the alien’s suit as it staggered backwards, until the 4th of 5th bullet managed to puncture something and it slumped forward to the ground.

Apparently this part of the dream was so intense that I actually did my battle cry out loud, in my sleep, in the real world, waking my wife (but thankfully not my baby). She shook me awake. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“…Aliens,” I mumbled.

I was quickly back to sleep. Much more time had passed in the dream. Most of the entire surface of the planet had been reduced to dust. I and a group of people (I think my family was in there) were fleeing through corn fields because for some reason the aliens didn’t zap corn. And they were only about four feet tall, so it seemed an easy feat to lose them in the corn.

As our group exited the far end of the cornfield, though, we were confronted by a dark, dust-covered world. All organic matter was gone. And a massive Flying Saucer, easily 100 yards wide, descended down towards us. Its underside flashed green and we all started to lose our grip on the ground and float upwards. There was a dark-blue flash and a bright white flash in our eyes and then…

We were all standing, disoriented, in a room of some sort, brightly illuminated with pure white walls. Standing in front of us, smiling, were all the people we’d known who earlier in the movie had been zapped by the aliens. They weren’t dead at all, they explained. Those beams didn’t disintegrate things; they were teleportation beams! The aliens were trying to remove as much of the Earth’s population of plants, animals, and humans because their advanced sensors had discovered that our sun was about to jettison out a massive solar flare that would overwhelm the Earth’s magnetic field and completely immolate the entire planet, killing everyone and everything.

The aliens weren’t killing off humanity; they were saving it!

A giant monitor appeared on one of the walls, and a woman exclaimed, “Look! It’s about to happen!” On the screen the Earth appeared, and towards it rushed an enormous jet of flame, many times larger than the puny planet. It slammed into and engulfed the Earth. The magnetic field parted it for just a moment before the flames punched straight through and consumed the entire surface of the planet, transforming it into a glowing ember, like a dying piece of charcoal in the night.

A woman explained that the alien’s methods of communicating were so different from humans that they could not figure out a way to tell us their intentions, so they just went ahead and tried to save us anyway. I felt really bad about killing that one alien, but someone reassured me that the aliens knew that there would be casualties but that it was worth it to save an entire planet.

“But where are we?” I asked.

“Our new home,” someone said. A massive door opened up in the far side of the room and revealed a distinctly Earth-like vista: a field and a forest and mountains in the background, with Earth birds flying through the sky. “They managed to teleport almost everything directly to this new planet.”

Then I woke up.


Anyways, I’m off now to see the Hellfyre Club perform their musics at The Crocodile.

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