Thursday, 13 February 2014

The 1st Annual South Sound Improv Comedy Festival was Last Night

1st Annual South Sound Improv Comedy Festival.

Funtimes Were Had by All.

Last night Fools Play Improv was excited to be invited to be one of the 5 troupes in the 1st Annual South Sound Improv Comedy Festival. The others were:

And finally, the troupe that organized the whole thing, the brand-spanking-new Something Wicked, which is put on through Harlequin Productions. Yes, the same Harlequin Productions where Fools Play was briefly based for a while in about 1999.

The show was divided into two parts. In the first part each troupe performed a short (15-minute) set of whatever they wanted to do. Though I believe Unexpected Productions and Fools Play were the only troupes that didn’t go over their allotted time rather significantly.

And since I am myself, I of course made an animated GIF of part of the show:

Generation Friends gets a live suggestion from the audience.

Generation Friends gets a live suggestion from the audience.

In the second half of the show, each troupe led a game that incorporated some members of the various other troupes.

It was a pretty fun night. Kalum the Teal Fool and Andre the Crimson Fool absolutely killed it with their characters “Reverend Jim Peaches” and “Augustus” respectively. And it was good to network with a bunch of other improv troupes in the area. The possibilities for co-shows and collaborations with the other Oly troupes is tantalizing.

Special thanks must go out to the alien from Cocoon who made a surprise appearance:

Cocoon alien

Click here if you don’t get this reference.

And Big Thanks to Christian Doyle (The Gamers, JourneyQuest) and Mark Alford for organizing this shindig.

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