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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

“Of the Month” April 2014

Artist of the Month:
goshadole James “GoshaDole” Franzen
James Franzen is a local (Olympia) web designer, graphic designer, animator, and artist who has developed a really cool, chibi, pseudo-anime style. His characters tend to have very large, circular heads with nubby hands and feet (think PowerPuff Girls hands). He has prints of most of his work available on his storenvy shop, my favorite of which is this collection of chibi versions of all the Robot Masters from Mega Man 1 through 10:

Radio Gosha x Mega Man by GoshaDole on deviantART

He has animated a good handful of videos, including a couple for my favorite chiptune musician Leeni:

Find James Franzen:

He can also usually be found with a booth at local comic/anime/game conventions:

Radio Gosha at ECCC

Radio Gosha at ECCC

Check his stuff out when you get a chance.

Game of the Month:
Cartoon Wars 2 Cartoon Wars 2

Your basic Tower Defense game (2D version) — you send out waves of your troops to the right to destroy the enemy’s castle, while the enemy sends out waves of troops to the left to destroy your castle. They meet somewhere in the middle for massacre/massacre funtimes. The selling point of Cartoon Wars is that they’re all stick figures and cartoony monsters. But what is so addicting about this game is the vast options of troops and castle upgrades you can purchase. It makes it a really engaging resource management game: should I spend my gold on a troop upgrade? A new type of troop? Making my tower’s defense better? Its offense? The difficulty scales nicely, although sometimes if you choose unwisely you can get stuck on a level for a LONG time while you try to rack up the moneys to upgrade troops to fight your way out of it. I find it hard to put down.

Tweeter of the Month:
the_ironsheik The Iron Sheik
Yes, the REAL Iron Sheik. The professional wrestler who fought Hulk Hogan and whose dreaded “Camel Clutch” finishing submission move threatened to break your back and make you humble. He now has a completely uncensored twitter feed that is brutally hilarious and written in the same accent as Sheik’s verbal speeches. It is also very NSFW. I had a hard time finding any example tweets to embed, because they usually involve telling people (or the readers) to go f**k themselves. Here’s the best I could do:

He also has an Instagram account which is equally hilarious. And, yes, it is really him.

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