Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Great Yard Purge of 2014

So it turns out when you have a baby and you and your spouse are both working full-time, one of the things that gets pushed WAY down the list of priorities is yard work. It just doesn’t seem like the most important thing in the world, especially if there’s a giggling, wiggly, adorable baby you could be cuddling with right inside the house.

Thankfully there are actually people who will do yard work for you. It’s true! People will exchange services for money! The yard absolutely exploded over the past month, what with it being Spring and all. So I hired someone to come clean it out… with a vengeance.

Just take a look-see:



Not quite done yet...

Not quite done yet…

After! Hey, look at what was under there!

After! Hey, look at what was under there!

Hooray! There’s actually a usable yard back there once more! This is especially important as the wee beb becomes more mobile. We would really like for her to actually be able to, you know, enjoy our yards. Weird, I know. But that’s how it is.

Oh, the person I hired? I hired The Lawn Man, of course. Kyle the Lawn Man. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! He did a metric tonne of work razing that jungle down to the ground and re-seeding it for the future. He cleaned out many a thorny bush and unwanted sprouting tree, and he scraped the patio completely clean.

I’m super glad I hired him. SO CAN YOU!

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