Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Marian Call & Molly Lewis vs the Mullet: Fight!

At the end of the tour...

At the end of the tour…

Very exciting! Two goddesses of Geek are meeting up about seven blocks from my house to do a musics show! That’s right, chanteuse Marian Call and ukulelist Molly Lewis are going to be at the lovely Metronome Cafe at 7:30 on Saturday night.

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You’d think that with such an awesome show happening so close to my house, there’d be no way I’d miss it, right? Well… Marian & Molly have some competition. For, you see, Saturday night is also the return of the mullet. A little backstory:

Back in the first half of the 1990s, my brother Mike grew a pretty spectacular mullet. As was the fashion at the time. Just look at old WWF footage from the early 90s. You’ll see.

For the past few months, Mike has been growing his hair long (uniformly this time, not just in the back). And this Saturday night live on stage at Fools Play Improv he is going to get his hairs did. But just the front and sides. That’s right…

The Mullet Returns!

The Mullet Returns!

Fools Play Improv performs “Fools Play Makeover!” It’s gonna be a pretty spectacular show.

Which one of these shows will you see? I cannot decide that for you, my little friends. You must decide:

Tacoma, WA – Metronome Coffee with Molly Lewis! (Facebook event)
Saturday, June 28th 7:30 PM
@ Metronome Coffee
3518 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406 (map)
Free (suggested donation), All Ages!


Fools Play Makeover
Saturday, June 28th 8:00 PM
@ Olympia Family Theater
112 State Ave NE Olympia, WA, 98501 (map)
$5, All Ages (some mature content)

You must choose one of them! “Neither” is not a valid answer!

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