Friday, 11 July 2014

For Your Weekend Viewing Pleasure: Japanese Dr. Who vs Dalekor!

Doctor... who? No, for reals, who?

Doctor… who? No, for reals, who?

A funny little something I found and thought all y’all would enjoy. It’s a parody of a particular brand of low-budget Japanese superhero Tokusatsu-style action show, crossed with Dr. Who. Go on, try it; you’ll like it:

There are many great things about this, such as the fact that Dr. Who has a transformation sequence, all the horrible jump-to-teleport special effects, and the Cyber Men as the putty-style minions of Dalekor. I particularly enjoy the “found footage” aspect of it, as if someone just randomly found this on VHS and decided to put it on Youtube.

The people who made it are obviously skilled, and seem like they have great fondness for both sources of their inspiration. Bravo!

Dalekor is fiendish indeed.

Dalekor is fiendish indeed.

Via io9.

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