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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Julia Massey Returns to Tacoma This Thursday at Grit City Grindhouse!

Comin' on down to T-Town...

Comin’ on down to T-Town…

Hooray! Julia Massey returns to perform musics in Tacoma! It’s going to be in a skate shop of all things: Grit City Grindhouse, just a half-block downhill from Puget Sound Pizza (yummy foodstuffs there). Stop at PSP for din-dins, then afterwards roll downhill to catch a show…? I don’t see why not!

Also on the bill are Pete Jordan (of Cloud Person) and Kye Alfred Hillig. I confess to never having heard them, but I will certainly listen to them when they perform in this show! Yowza! This is apparently part of Hillig & Jordan’s “Spring Tour.”

What will they sound like? Let's find out...

What will they sound like? Let’s find out… together!

Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount, Kye Alfred Hillig, & Pete Jordan @ Grit City Grindhouse (Hillig & Jordan Spring Tour: Tacoma, WA) (Facebook event)
Thursday, April 2nd at 7:00 PM (Doors at 6:30)
@ Grit City Grindhouse
311 South 7th, Tacoma, WA (map)
All-Ages, Bar with ID
$10 Advance, $15 at door (Tickets)

And while you’re there, you can take a look at some longboards. Grit City Grindhouse actually looks pretty cool.

All a-board! (sorry)

All a-board! (sorry)


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Friday, 27 March 2015

“Star Wars: TIE Fighter” Anime-Style Short Film

TIE Fighter Poster by MightyOtaking

TIE Fighter Poster by MightyOtaking

Even though it was just released a couple of days ago, you’ve probably already seen this because it has literally millions of views already. But here’s the scoop: a guy named Paul Johnson (also known as MightyOtaKing and OtaKing77077) spent the last four years basically single-handedly animating a seven-minute space battle set in the Star Wars universe, from the point of view of the TIE Fighters of the Empire. Bonus: it’s done in the style of old-school animé like Robotech and Starblazers!

Aside from the obvious awesomeness, there are some really cool technical things going on in this short. Johnson’s visualization of the interior of the TIE Fighter cockpits is actually a combination of the small amount we get to see in the movies with the 1994 LucasArts TIE Fighter video game display!

Johnson put a lot of care and thought into the film, including working up absurdly detailed character profiles and backstories for the four leads that get the most screen time in the film. You can peruse a PDF of them all (and extensive notes on the creation of the cockpits) at your leisure.

Flight Lieutenant Ada's scar was apparently caused by a closet door.

Flight Lieutenant Ada’s scar was apparently caused by a closet door.

You can also find the score for the film (by Zak Rahman) here:

I also appreciate how Johnson didn’t do any crowdfunding or anything like that in order to get this done. This was a labor of love and time, not a money-making scheme (though I’ve little doubt the offers will likely start rolling in after this). As he says:

Don’t support me on Patreon, because I don’t have one! And don’t donate to my Kickstarter, because I don’t have one of those either. Instead, if you enjoyed this, give someone at your workplace, uni, school or whatever a random bar of chocolate or can or Coke or something. Seriously, it’ll probably make their day.
That would totally make my day.

This film is proof that you don’t always need to seek funding to do something you love. Sometimes all you need is to put in the effort and time. Well, done, Paul. Well done.


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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Nerds and Music: A Night with Joel Hodgson, Pat Rothfuss, Paul & Storm, Marian Call, & Molly Lewis in Seattle

Nerds + Music = Good Times... Good Times.

Nerds + Music = Good Times… Good Times.

Tomorrow (Friday) in a loose coincidence with Emerald City ComicCon, there is a very nerdy/geeky group of individuals who are going to join forces and put on one epic show for us!

  • Joel Jodgson, of MST3K fame!
  • Pat Rothfuss, be-bearded fantasy novelist
  • Paul & Storm, musical comedy
  • Marian Call, nerd jazz
  • Molly Lewis, ukulele geekiness
A Night of So Many Stars!

A Night of So Many Stars!

With a lineup like that I’m pretty sure that there is going to be quite a lot of content that I’m going to enjoy quite a lot. So I fully plan on being there. SO CAN YOU!

Nerds and Music: A Night with Joel Hodgson, Pat Rothfuss, and Paul & Storm in Seattle (Facebook event)
Friday, March 27th 8:00 PM
@ The Showbox
1426 1st Ave, Seattle, Washington 98101
$22.00, All Ages! (tickets here)


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Monday, 23 March 2015

Watch This With the Sound Up

Seriously, I’m way too fond of this:

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Great Ideas on the Internet: Alan Tudyk is a “Con Man”



Hey, you know Hoban Washburn Alan Tudyk, right? Well, he and his pal Malcolm Reynolds Nathan Fillion are making a show together! The premise might seem a little familiar: It’s about a couple of people who were on a prematurely-cancelled Science Fiction TV show that has a rabid cult following, and their adventures going to Science Fiction conventions.


Anyway, rather than doing this show through a network (Wash Alan and Mal Nathan have “trust issues” as they put it), they’ve decided to make it into a webseries WITH OUR HELP!

Here’s the funny pitch video from their IndieGogo campaign:

In case you aren’t able or don’t want to watch the video (what the EFF is wrong with you), it basically goes over the premise I just told you about, and also has some fun cameos by some geek icons you might recognize, like Seth Green, Felicia Day, and Gina Torres!


Felicia considers her options.

Listen, if you read my blog you probably already know about this. And I probably don’t have to tell you to help fund it because it’s already like 516% funded. But I can tell you that I am excited for when this thing gets released in whatever form it gets released. Just watch this preview!

So there you go. Funny, funny stuffs from some of your favorite all-time people all together again and making us happy.

This Con Man isn't out to cheat you. He's out to TREAT you! (I'm sorry)

This Con Man isn’t out to cheat you. He’s out to TREAT you! (I’m sorry)

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling: an Hilarious Re-telling of Triple H’s Wrestling Career

But you can't call it "fake"...

But you can’t call it “fake”…

So, turns out Max Landis (son of famed filmmaker John Landis) is a pretty big fan of professional wrestling. And for some unknown reason he decided to do an oral retelling-slash-documentary of the entire career of professional wrestler Triple H… and then film recreations of it using an almost-all-female cast. The results are not 100% accurate, but they are pretty frikkin’ funny. It stars Chloe Dykstra as HHH and Ana Walczak as Shawn Michaels.



There is also a veritable who’s-who of cameos, from the Mythbusters to Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin. Anyway, just watch it if you’ve got a spare half-hour:

There are some events fudged around and some glossed over, but Landis makes some interesting points about the nature of character development and serial entertainment. Anyway, I enjoyed it. So shut up.

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Monday, 16 March 2015

EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIER: “Too Bad We Met” by Three Ninjas and His Weird Old Tricks!

One Man: Three Ninjas!

One Man: Three Ninjas!

THIS IS VERY EXCITING! Three Ninjas himself has personally provided me with the exclusive world premier of the new song “Too Bad We Met” from his upcoming album The Sadness Will Last Forever!

That means you, my friends, get to have FIRST LISTEN before the album drops at the end of the month:

You should pre-order The Sadness Will Last Forever so that you can enjoy more songs like this the moment they are released!

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