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Friday, 10 April 2015

(Animated) Band in Seattle: JM+FFD

This band really IS in Seattle!

This band really IS in Seattle!

Wednesday evening I went to the television taping of an episode of “Band in Seattle” because I knew some of the people in the bands! Specifically Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount.

Also that episode were Smokey Brights, who were very good! I don’t think I’d seen them before, but they seemed familiar. I think that’s because most of the band members were also in other bands, and I’d seen some o’ those. An unusually cool thing about Smokey Brights is that it is a five-person band (which is unusual in itself these days), and four out of the five sing. There were many songs that featured full four-part harmonies!

I did not manage to take good enough photos to make an animated .GIF out of them. I did, however, make this cool little collage:

A collage both smokey and bright!

A collage both smokey and bright!

So here is probably the most-epic animated .GIF I’ve made yet. It’s of JM+FFD. It’s over 5 MB. And it features subtle camera movements and everything!

The Epicness of Animation!

The Epicness of Animation!

There you have it. I’ll let you know when this episode of “Band in Seattle” airs.

Whelp, we’re off to Portland for the weekend. We’re gonna go to OMSI and the Oregon Zoo! I’ll try to take mucho de photos and tell y’all ALL about it, ‘kay? ‘Kay!

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wanna Come See Julia Massey be on TV Tonight?

JM+FFD live televesion taping for "Band in Seattle!"

JM+FFD live televesion taping for “Band in Seattle!”

TONIGHT!? YES! TONIGHT! Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount will be taping their own episode of local indie music TV show “Band in Seattle” this very evening (Wednesday, April 8th) at 6:00 PM up at Victory Studios in Seattle.

I was last up there to watch The Hoot Hoots and The Jesus Rehab get taped for their episode! Their episode still hasn’t aired or been made available on the YouTubes. I’ll be sure to let you know when it is!

Two Great Bands that Band Great Together

THH & TJR: Coming soon to a TV near you…

But tonight it is JM+FFD’s turn, along with Seattle stalwart band Smokey Brights. Wait a minute, you say. You just typed “Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount.” Don’t you mean just Julia Massey and Dom on drums? NOT SO, my little friend. For you see, although bassist Geoff B. Gibbs has moved to the far beyond of Canada (and is currently on a whirlwind tour of the European Continent of Europe), it seems that he is not the only bassist in all the land. *GASP* I know! ‘Tis true! Julia and Dom have procured the services of another bassist, known only as the mysterious “Matt Deason.”

Who is this mysterious stranger?

Who is this mysterious stranger?

This will be the first performance of a fully-fledged Five Finger Discount since November of last year, so that’s gotta be pretty exciting! I AM EXCITE! They promise to play “one of our throwbacks, a handful of our current favorites, and, as always, a new song or two”[1]

Band in Seattle presents Julia Massey and Smokey Brights (Facebook Event)
Wednesday, April 8th 6:00 PM
@ Victory Studios:
2247 15th Ave West, Seattle, Washington 98119 (map)
All-Ages (I’m pretty sure)
$5 Studend, $10 Regular (tickets)

I will be there. I plan on leaving straight from work to get there on time. SO CAN YOU!

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fools Play’s 22nd Anniversary: Some Surprising Influences

Foolishly influential ads...

Foolishly influential ads…

Last Saturday (April 4th) Fools Play Improv was part of the 2nd Annual South Sound Improv Festival. It was a lots of funs! It also just happened to mark our 22nd Anniversary! Yes, I’ve been doing live, improvised comedy for well over half my life and people are still paying moneys to see it happen.

To celebrate this 22nd Anniversary milestone, Mike the Blue Fool put together a video that highlights some of our influences from the early 1990s, when Fools Play formed. In this case here are the Top 5 Kids Ads that Most Influenced Fools Play:

It starts with the sticks…
Like so!
Making a bet…
Where the marbles go!


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Friday, 3 April 2015

Photos from Grit City Grindhouse of Kye Alfred Hillig & Julia Massey

Did you miss last night's music show in Tacoma? FOR SHAME!

Did you miss last night’s music show in Tacoma? FOR SHAME!

‘Twas a great music show last night in Tacoma at Grit City Grindhouse! I’d never been there before, and it turns out to be a very cool venue. It’s kind of a warehouse space behind a skate shop. There’s a li’l skate pipe/ramp off to one side in there (a quarter-pipe maybe?) and everything! It was an all-ages show and kids under 10 got in free, so it turned out there were about half-a-dozen kids running around and going crazy in front of the stage for much of the show. It was like a mosh pit for kids. A moppet mosh pit?

There were three music acts. The first one was Pete Jordan and two other members of Cloud Person. The be-bearded Mr. Jordan sounded a bit like a cross between Mike Doughty and folky sea shanties. Sorry I didn’t snap any photos of them, but it was mostly because I was enjoying the music and also because I was distracted by the junior mosh pit in front of me.

Next was Kye Alfred Hillig, who mostly did depressingly-lyric’d, folky, guy-with-acoustic-guitar stuff. But his lyrics were intelligent and very clever and sometimes rather funny. One of my favorite lines was, “My young love was as blind as Ray Charles.” Mr. Hillig also had absolutely excellent between-song banter going on, where he would make an assertive declaration and then immediately say that it was a complete lie. He also made some jokes about how his songs weren’t really kid-friendly. Very funny, and a nice contrast to the mostly-depressing content of the songs.

Wait... you mean that song wasn't about Clifford the Big Red Dog!?

Wait… you mean that song wasn’t about Clifford the Big Red Dog!?

Third was Julia Massey & half of the Five Finger Discount (only Dom on drums). The FFD is in-between bass players right now. Geoff left toward the beginning of 2015 and they have a new one, but they haven’t played live with him yet. He wasn’t there because he was on a cruise or something lame like that. Pfffft, excuses. Anyway, Julia + Dom is still a great show, and they played TWO songs Carrie & I had never heard before, both of which were excellent.

And, as is my nature, I made an animated .GIF of them for us all to enjoy:

And check out that great lighting!

This is one of the better animated .GIFs I’ve made. And check out that great lighting!

So in conclusion: Good show. And it started at 7:00 so it was pretty much wrapping up by 9:00, which was great for a couple of old people who have a baby and need to get up the next day to go to work.

Another conclusion: Good venue. It’s nice to know there is another place in Tacoma where good musics can happen now. Although I’m not entirely sure why there is a painting of Marvel Comics interdimensional supervillain Shuma-Gorath on one of the walls…



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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Fools Play at the 2nd Annual South Sound Improv Festival This Saturday!

Seven Troupes... one of 'em's US!

Seven Troupes… one of ’em’s US!

This Saturday night, April 4th, truck on down to Oly Town to see Fools Play Improv performing in the 2nd Annual South Sound Improv Festival at the State Theater! This is our second (of 2) year doing this, and it was a great show last year. So it will be a great show again this year. Right? RIGHT!

The festival is actually two nights, Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th, and there are a buncha other troupes gonna be there, but Fools Play is only on Saturday night.

I guess you could go to both evenings if'n you wanted...

I guess you could go to both evenings if’n you wanted…

Fools Play hasn’t performed in Olympia since last Halloween. Who knows when we’ll be able to again? So you should really try your darnedest to come see us Saturday Night at 8:00, just like olde times!

Join us... join us, Danny... Come play with us...

Join us… join us, Danny… Come play with us…

2nd Annual South Puget Sound Improv Festival (Facebook event)
Saturday, April 4th at 8:00 PM
@ The State Theater
202 4th Ave E, Olympia, WA (map)
Single-Day Admission: $20 / Two-Day Admission: $30 (Tickets)
$15 rush tickets available 30 minutes before curtain (unless sold out)

I know Saturday is only a couple o’ days away. I wanted to post about this yesterday, but it was April Fool’s Day and I didn’t want you to think I was joking. I’m not! This is all true! I’ll see you in Olympia on Saturday night!

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

“Of the Month” April 2015

Video Game of the Month:
Google Maps Pac-Man

Wha-what!? Starting yesterday, if you’re in Google Maps and you zoom in to a certain magnification, a little box appears next to the “Google Earth” box. It’s very important that you click that box. When you do, the streets you’re viewing will suddenly become overlayed with dots… ghosts will appear… and you’ll be able to play Pac-Man on those streets!

Pac-Man on Capitol Hill!

Pac-Man on Capitol Hill!

I should probably mention that this is NOT an April Fool’s Prank! This really happened!

Album of the Month:
Three Ninjas: The Sadness Will Last Forever

Three Ninjas releases his second full-length old-school country album, and it’s even better than the first (Alcohol & Isolation)! It’s old-timey depressing country songs about drinking and lost loves and horrible lives. There are a couple of cover songs mixed in amongst the originals, but Three Ninjas’s songwriting skills in this genre are so honed that I’d bet you wouldn’t be able to tell me which ones they are (unless you happened to have heard of them already). The music craft has been even more finely-tuned from his previous outings. I don’t wanna call it “polished” because that implies a certain slickness and dullness whereas this album has a very skillful rawness. A “realness” I guess I should say. Listen; it’s good.

TV Show of the Month:
Yo Gabba Gabba!

This is my 17-month-old daughter’s favorite TV show. Sure, it’s a very-little-kids’ show, but Yo Gabba Gabba has a pedigree and a spirit that is sorely lacking from most very-little-kids’ shows. What other show in this genre has musical performances from the likes of Weezer, The Flaming Lips, Erykah Badu, Cornelius, The Shins, and The Roots (just to name a very few), most of which perform original songs written just for this show! Yo Gabba Gabba also has a wry self-awareness of its own ridiculousness that I especially appreciate, particularly with the over-the-top cheerfulness of the host, DJ Lance Rock. Watch (if you can find it) the episode co-starring Jack Black and tell me that I’m wrong. And then watch the “DJ Lance’s Super Music & Toy Room” episode and just marvel at the epic awesomeness that keeps pouring from the screen. TRUST ME.

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