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They’re Alive! The Crazy Boy Floyds

The Crazy Boy Floyds: CBF

That’s me on the left.

Way back, well over 20 years ago, the Harris brothers and their friend Geoff for some unknown and unwise reason started to scrape songs together. Geoff & I would write music (usually without collaboration; he would compose songs and I would compose songs) on those extremely old-school music trackers like Scream Tracker and Schism Tracker. We would then give the music to Mike, who would write lyrics and melody. Those would be given back to Geoff to sing.

And the songs started pouring out. Dozens and dozens of them. About any conceivable nerdy/childish subject, like robots, halloween monsters, video games, and very weird people. We decided to call our trio “The Crazy Boy Floyds” based on a character from “Under the Mailbox Theater,” our sketch comedy TV show that we were creating concurrently.

And nothing much came of it. CBF recorded a full album in one sitting at one point, but weren’t entirely pleased with it (most of the recordings that people have of CBF are from this session), and there were a couple of other less-than ideal recording sessions here and there. A few years ago Geoff went to China to train in Kung-Fu, and in his downtime he was able to record many demos of songs, but they were just that; demos.

None of these recordings were ever officially released. And in the meantime songs were still being written. Dozens and dozens of them.

Well, that all ended as of last week. Geoff, Canadian-ensconced and with copious free time, has at long last begun recording, mixing, and finalizing the real, final, actual versions of these songs that have been gestating for oh-so long—with a pledge to release a new one every week (in addition to the weekly Trevor Peach songs that he is producing).

How official is this?

The songs are generally divided into four categories, which correspond with four albums into which the songs will be released:

  • The Crazy Boy Floyds:
    “This collection of music by The Crazy Boy Floyds is for the strange music that doesn’t fit in with their common themes. Much like the Island of Misfit Toys, the songs gravitate toward this “minus world” lacking any clear definition. Also, much like the toys on the Island of Misfit Toys, there’s actually nothing wrong with the songs.”
  • 8-Bit Halloween:
    “It is well known that The Crazy Boy Floyds are obsessed with Halloween specifically and Classic Monsters in general. Indeed, all monsters and modes of costuming are fair game in terms of subject matter in this collection of audio works. But will there be time…. to stop them if we must…”
  • Construction Paper Robot Assembly Line:
    “The first construction paper robots created by The Crazy Boy Floyds (designed in the German tradition – to go out of control) attempted to take over the world in the year 1992. They failed, of course, but they inspired The Crazy Boy Floyds musical fascination with robots that continues to this very day – on this very album.”
  • 25 Cents:
    “In the distant past, one could travel to an “arcade” to play “arcade style video games” which cost one US quarter- 25 Cents. This collection of music by The Crazy Boy Floyds celebrates that time, and celebrates classic video games in general, and the nostalgia of childhood play – though at times it is unclear how.”

Four songs were dropped in one big dump (that sounds dirty) last week. Here they are! Partake and enjoy:

And most likely I’ll be posting more songs as they drop, or every couple of weeks I’ll collect them and post them here. The point is, this is exciting, and something that has been percolating for more than half of my life. Literally.

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