Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I Like this New SPIRIT ▲ SHRINE Song: diavolo discoteca

SPIRIT ▲ SHRINE (formerly Tangentbot, and formerly Tangent before that) hasn’t released any new music in over a year, but that changed yesterday with a new song: “diavolo discoteca.” Listen here:

I really enjoy it. I like its laid-backedness, and I love the instrumentation with the buzzy synths. Plus it’s catchy. It reminds me a bit of David Grellier.

As explained on the SPIRIT ▲ SHRINE website:

I’ve been listening to a ton of italo disco stuff and i wanted to write something a bit faster, yet still my personal style. i know it’s been awhile but i love you and your mom loves you and we just want to see you be happy. we are proud of you.

So take a listen, and buy it if you like it (I did).

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