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Friday, 23 December 2016

‘Tis the Season to be Chubby

Chubby Mummy Cursemas Greeting: New Smash Single! A Chubby Mummy Mumble!

New Smash Single! A Chubby Mummy Mumble!

Glory be, there IS a reason to celebrate the holidays this season after all: Chubby Mummy has released a new hit “single” that features an awkward and uncomfortable invitation to join in the celebration: Cursemas Greeting! Let this new Chubby Mummy Mumble, like the Matrix of Leadership, light our darkest hour:

Join us. Won’t you?

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Winter Beard Progress

I’ve been growing out my beard since the middle of November. Let’s check in on it, shall we?

It’s gettin’ pretty big! Also, checkout how freakishly long my eyelashes are!

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