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Friday, 31 March 2017

Great Success! March!

Did anyone notice this?

Did anyone notice this?

Hey, you might have noticed (who am I kidding, nobody reads this website) that, including this post, I have posted on this here computer website blog every single weekday in the month of March! This is a great personal achievement for me, especially considering that in the month of February I posted a grand total of 3 times. So 23 times is a rather big step up.

How did I manage to do it while also playing many, many hours of Zelda and watching all of Iron Fist? Well, WordPress lets you schedule ahead. That’s also how 100% of the posts were posted during work hours, even though I’d written them the day before… or several days before. Once I wrote four or five posts in one day and doled them out over the following week. TL;DR: I cheated.

I don’t know that I’ll keep this up through April. Especially since I’m going on a week-long vacation at the end of the month. But I already have a couple of posts that I’m fittin’ to schedule! So we’ll see.

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