Wednesday, 8 May 2019

For Your Wednesday Listening Pleasure: “Holiday Inn (Ukulele Cover)” by Phoebe Masteller-Defiance

Phoebe Masteller-Defiance Holiday Inn Ukulele Cover

Is Cameron dead yet…?

Phoebe Masteller-Defiance, who also makes music as I Kill Cameron and is a part of Dandelion Massacre (and I’m pretty sure a couple of other punky bands as well), has released her first video of 2019! It’s a delightful ukulele cover of the very punk “Holiday Inn” by Dollar Signs. Listen and be pleased:

For one, Phoebe is a WAAAAAAY better singer than Dollar Signs (you can listen to the original song here). For two, the song translates over perfectly into the more laid-back ukulele vibe without having to change the chord progression at all. Noice!

You have now been pleasured.

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