Wednesday, 1 May 2019

For Your Wednesday Listening Pleasure: “Police Myself” by Open Mike Eagle & MF Doom

Is Oh-Em-Eee Em-Eff-Doomed by the Tiny Cop in his head…?

Is Oh-Em-Eee Em-Eff-Doomed by the Tiny Cop in his head…?

Back again with yet another new song and amazing video from his Comedy Central show The New Negroes is your friend and mine, Open Mike Eagle. “Police Myself” is a rather biting song about the necessity of self-censorship in the face of racial bias with a denouement that made me say, “Ouch” aloud. It also has some hilarious visuals with Mike as a tiny cop speeding around town in a tiny cop car with an enormous (to him) blunt.

It’s interesting how this song fits thematically with the previous New Negroes music video release, “Unfiltered” (that I featured a couple of weeks ago, so go listen to that as well if you haven’t). It’s also great seeing Mike swinging for the fences with some of the biggest and best names in hip-hop! Em-effing MF Doom!

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