Wednesday, 9 October 2019

For Your Wednesday Listening Pleasure: “True Kinda Love” by Estelle

Hey, you, show me that solvable problem…

Hey, you, show me that solvable problem…

Hey, I’m back from my month-long hiatus! I actually planned to come back last Wednesday with this post, but I completely forgot because I am a BIG BRAIN.

Anyhoo, be pleasured by this lovely, lovely bit of absolute magic:

I say “By Estelle” in the subject, but really this song is also of course by Rebecca Sugar, the creator of Steven Universe and director of Steven Universe: The Movie, the soundtrack of which this song is from. Also, this song was co-written by none other than Chance the Rapper. Yes, the Chance the Rapper! Quite a pedigree this song’s got, eh? Eh?

You have once again been pleasured. And if you haven’t seen Steven Universe: The Movie yet, you really, really should. IMMEDIATELY!

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