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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

For Your Wednesday Listening Pleasure: “Mama! There’s a Spider In My Room!” by The Black Tones

The Black Tones: Mama! There's a Spider In My Room!

“I’m just trynna go to bed…”

For this first Wednesday Listening Pleasure of 2020, I go back to late Summer of 2019 when local Seattleites The Black Tones appearead live on KEXP. Singer Eva Walker and her brother, drummer Cedric, have created one of the best local bands in existence right now.

Eva’s booming voice filters through Stevie Nicks by way of Joan Jett, with rounded, sliding notes that end in a delicious, warbling vibrato that has hints of Billie Holiday bubbling under the surface. “Mama! There’s a Spider In My Room!” is my favorite track from The Black Tones’s album, Cobain & Cornbread. Partake and be pleasured:

You have now been pleasured for the first time in 2020!

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