Wednesday, 29 January 2020

For Your Wednesday Listening Pleasure: “Ghetto Spaceship” by The Black Tones

Ghetto Spaceship by The Black Tones

Don’t you worry, baby(s)…

Didn’t I just do a Black Tones song as my Wednesday Listening Pleasure at the beginning of this month? Oh, yeah, I did. Shut up: they’re good and I really enjoy their music. Plus they’ve released their first-ever official music video! It’s for “Ghetto Spaceship” and features a dramatized version of a time when the Walker Twins’ mother was pregnant with them. Since they’re in utero, they’re of course naked. The Walker Twins do seem to enjoy to be naked. Here’s Cedric on the cover of their album Cobain & Cornbread for example:

The Black Tones: Cobain & Cornbread

Who want some cheese?

Anyhoo, “Ghetto Spaceship” is from Cobain & Cornbread. Partake and be pleasured:

You have now been nakedly pleasured.

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