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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

For Your Wednesday Listening Pleasure: “Talkin’ About That Burden” by Warren Dunes

Warren Dunes: Talkin' About That Burden

Talkin’ about that, talkin’ about that, talkin’ about that, talkin’ about that…

Earlier this month perennial favorite Warren Dunes was on Nancy Guppy’s “Art Zone” show on The Seattle Channel. They performed a song that has not yet been recorded and released to the general public, so if you haven’t seen them perform it live, this is probably your first time to be able to hear it! It’s basically an instrumental, because the only lyrics in the whole song are “Talkin’ about that burden” repeated over and over.

The first half of this video is actually Nancy Guppy interviewing Julia, which you should watch if you are interested. The song itself starts at 3:25 (I’ve keyed the video to start then). Partake and be pleasured:

You have now been pleasured.

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