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Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Tiniest Totoro

I am in awe of Suami, the Vietnamese artist who crochets tiny things. I mean tiny. Here is the tiniest Totoro:

The Tiniest Totoro

Yes, that is a human finger upon which the tiniest Totoro is standing. Look at your own finger. Look at your fingernail. Imagine a Totoro about that size, maybe a little smaller. Now image crocheting that.

Like I said. I’m in awe.

Suami has a bunch of other tiny crocheted designs (though Totoro is clearly the best), and they’re all available in an etsy shop! You can actually own the tiniest Totoro!

(via Design*Sponge)

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Cute Food

Erin over at Host-It Notes keeps on posting pictures of cute foodstuffs, and I for one can’t get enough.

First off, it was this post about a popsicle maker that lets you put cute faces on your popsicles!

Cute Popsicle Faces


The device is called the Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker. SOMEONE BUY IT FOR ME RIGHT AWAY!

Then on Thursday it was this post about an etsy artist who makes felt food.


Too cute. Too, too cute.

Via Host-It Notes.

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Hween 2010 Post

This year’s Halloween I decided to integrate my costume and my pumpkins. Here’s my costume:


I went as the ship from Asteroids. It was fun! I went to Home Depot and bought one of those swivel joints that you’d use to make a lazy Susan. Then I made the ship out of black foam board. The outline of the ship is just a couple of layers of masking tape. I mounted the ship to the lazy Susan joint (with three layers of foam board padding to push it farther away from my body for easier swiveling) with some screws and hot glue. And I attached the other side of the lazy Susan joint to another three layers of foam board that I attached to my body with two belts (one above the joint and one below).

I also made an asteroid outta foam board and masking tape, with two smaller asteroids. I glued some velcro to the backs so that the little ones could attach to the big one out of sight. I also got a handful of ping-pong balls to use as the ship’s bullets! I had a friend slowly attack me with the larger asteroid while I threw ping-pong balls at it. When I hit it, he disengaged the smaller asteroids and dropped the big one. Just like in the game!

My punkins were carved to match:


And just for fun I also threw in the UFO:


Pretty much everybody agreed that it was the best of the Fools’ costumes at this year’s Fools Play Trick or Treat. But the competition wasn’t really that stiff…

2010-foolsplay-halloweenThat’s Jamie the Ginger Fool as “Batman,” me, Geoff the Yellow Fool as “Harry Potter” (really), and Mike the Blue Fool as Zordon from Power Rangers.

James won the best costume in the audience competition as a red knight from Castle Crashers. It was very good, though I didn’t get a picture of it. Tia went as a 1960s-style alien space babe, with a beehive hairdo and fantastic boots and silver ray guns and everything. Pretty awexome.

Hween night was spent in the traditional way: Wii Bowling and making a metric tonne of Reuben sammitches and eating my wife’s Russian potato soup with sauerkraut. But I don’t have to tell you about that myself. Our good friend the Unintentional Housewife was there, and she blogged all about it! So go read her posts about my Reuben process and about my wife’s dee-licious soup. Also, Marvel’s X-Men’s “X-23” was there, and she brought some apple crisp, which was also delicious. Saves me the trouble of having to write about it myself!

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Friday, 2 July 2010

Beginning of Summer Round-up

Here are some interesting things I’ve found around teh intarwebs in the past few weeks that never made it into my blog here… until now (I’m pretty sure most of ’em made it onto Facebook or Twitter, though).


octopusIf you ever, ever want to know what an octopus is doing right this very second, Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center has installed a camera in the tank of their resident 40-pound Pacific octopus, Deriq.

It is for some reason very enjoyable and relaxing to watch Deriq meander around in his tank.


Artist Alex Varanese has imagined what it would look like if someone from today went back in time and re-created today’s modern electronics—cell phone, laptop, hand-held video game system, mp3 player—using the design aesthetics of 1977.

The results are absolutely fan-frikkin’-tastic.


I was born in 1977, so I completely remember this style of design. Y’all have no idea how much I miss high technology that had a faux-woodgrain finish. Glorious.


Etsy crafter and all-around awexome human being Taisha McGee made the one piece of merchandise that no Twilight fan should be without.


The product description speaks for itself:

Bella’s most useful accessory. Case is 5.5″ by 2″ and holds two average sized tampons. Edward’s face is sparkly. Tampons not included.


River Tam and the Fireflies

Holy eff but that is so freakin’ adorable. This is an actual album sleeve that artist Joebot made for a gallery show (happens on July 9th).

But the really cool thing is that you can purchase a print of this picture at his Etsy shop as a gift to send to me! Joebot has some other really cool prints as well, like ones of the Nintendo princesses (and Samus).


An absolutely adorable short film with seamless special effects animation. Very well done.


This is a fascinating collection of still frames and clips of people reading newspapers in dozens of films and television shows. The exact same newspaper each time. Going back decades. It looks like this:


It’s actually kind of astonishing how wide-spread this newspaper really is.


Here are a couple of videos of aquatic awesomeness:


This extravagantly cute melon bowl is from my link-of-the month, Host-It Notes.


There are all sorts of other darling little foodstuffs at Host-It Notes, like sheep cupcakes, mushroom radishes, and frosting bees!


That’s about it for now.

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Thursday, 10 June 2010

LaLa Yags

A really cool thing happened in Tacoma recently. It seems there’s a new urban street artist at work. But instead of tagging things with paint or stickers, both of which can be difficult to remove, this artist is wrapping various poles and signposts around town with crocheted yarn! It’s yarn tagging, or “yagging” as I’ve decided to call it.

I saw this yag at southeast corner of 6th Ave & Alder (at the former location of the ABC Chinese restaurant). “Imagine the infinite possibilities that each day holds.”


The artist was thoughtful enough to sign the back of the yag:


So her name is “LaLa.” I think that this is a spectacularly awexome form of street art because

  1. Pretty!
  2. Unobtrusive: if you didn’t know it was there you might just miss it.
  3. Easily removable: if someone really doesn’t like it, all they need is a pair of scissors or a knife and they can cut that sucka down (or if someone wants to own an original LaLa piece).
  4. Pretty!

The Feed Tacoma blog also found a yag! I’m not sure where this one is, but it looks like it’s on a stop sign:


I say, “Good job, LaLa! Keep it up, and add some prettiness to Tacoma!”

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

When Mario Meets Ikea – The Best Furniture EVAR


A couple made this Mario furniture for their apartment (she’s a mechanical engineer, which probably helped). Look at the Warp Pipe end table, too!

Via neatorama

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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A Festivus Round-up

Happy Festivus, everyone! I hope you get to air some good grievances. I hope the plain aluminum pole is not too distracting. And I hope you win the Feats of Strength!

Here I’m going to round-up a big random heaping of things I’ve found interesting recently. Artists, websites, musics, games, whatever. In random order:

Michaela Eaves

I saw her at a studio open house where she had some paintings and prints out for display. I really dug the way her paintings have heavy outlines, and the way the lines break up the colors in such a way that her paintings almost look like stained glass.


She also had an adorable painting of a rocket ship, done in a soft, children’s book style of painting. I dug it, but I can’t find a picture on her website (which is mostly about her graphic design & illustration business):

8-Bit Jesus

I thought this was pretty spectacular. Not only did Doctor Octoroc (sic) make 8-bit chiptune versions of many Christmas songs for his album 8-Bit Jesus, but he also wrote them in the specific styles of various 8-bit video games. My favorites are definitely “Carol of the Belmonts,” “Bubbles We Have Heard on High,” and “8 Days of Master Robots,” which very excellently captures the essence of the Mega Man experience. Also, “Icarus! The Herald Angels Sing” is quite accurate. Check it out:


Machinarium is a beautifully done, old-style, point-and-click adventure video game, unbelievably done entirely in Flash. I like it ’cause it’s about robots. But more than that, the world is completely enthralling, and the puzzles all involve robot logic more than real-world logic.


The art style is pretty much spectacular. You can play a demo for free, or buy and download the full version here:

Kaiju Dance to Thriller

Just what the title says: a bunch of Kaiju dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Wonder Woman Pumps

This woman takes shoes and tastefully collages them with pages from Wonder Woman comic books. She tends to use mostly monochromatic images, so the effect is a little subtler than you might expect.


She has an etsy shop where she makes all kinds of shoes and boots (not just Wonder Woman):

Regurgitated Thanksgiving Dinner Scarf

Taisha McGee sells what she calls “Ugly Scarves.” They’re mostly actually quite pretty, but she nevertheless gives them hilarious names based loosely on their color schemes, names like “Mulched Roses,” “Tidy Bowl,” “Moldy Cheese,” “Mushy Froot Loops,” and my favorite, “Regurgitated Thanksgiving Dinner.” She also has the sense of humor to take photos of the scarves wrapped around a cardboard stand-up of John Wayne. Bravo!


Check them all out at her etsy shop:

Alexis St.John

An artist whose work I saw in a tea shop in Downtown Tacoma (Mad Hat Tea, 1130 Commerce Street) and I liked the humor and simplicity in it. I also really appreciated how most of the paintings were really small; a lot of ’em were only like 6″ × 6″, and I don’t think anything of hers gets over 20″ in any direction.


You can buy the actual artwork, of if you’d prefer you can buy frameable prints of it.

TheSixtyOne is a fascinating idea for a democratic music website, where the more people like a song the more popular it becomes, and ANYONE can upload ANY song they’ve created (as long as they’re legally allowed to blah, blah, blah, y’know).

Not only that, but it turns listening to music into kind of an RPG. You gain experience (called “reputation”) and rise in levels. There are quests (like “Listen to 7 recently-uploaded songs” or “Listen to the radio stations of 5 other people for 5 minutes each”) that let you earn experience and “hearts,” which you can use to mark a song as a favorite (i.e., you heart the song). And you also earn experience as other people later heart songs that you previously hearted. The more reputation you have, the more likely other people are to listen to your opinions (in theory at least). So you get tangible rewards for finding new, unheard songs that you really like and then getting other people to like them as well, other than the reward of discovering good music.

Also, is the only place right now where you can hear Taisha’s musc (yes, the same Taisha that makes those scarves). Just go here:

A Very Alan Thickemas

THE Alan Thicke, Leeni, and puppets. Lots and lots of puppets. And Blake Lewis is somehow involved. It exists, I just have no idea of how to see it. Other than these:


That’s about it for now.

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