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Monday, 2 November 2009

“Of the Month” November ’09

Link of the Month:
Breakfast of the Gods Brizzly
Brizzly is a Twitter interface that does all of the things that Twitter should be doing anyway, like in-lining all linked pictures and videos so that you don’t have to click to a different website just to view them, and showing the full URLs of all links instead of the shortened ones so that you don’t have to click blind and get sent to a potentially dangerous redirect. I use it as my default instead of the actual

Album of the Month:
November 2009 Album of the Month Terrapin Productions: Sketches of Perfect Landscapes
40-some minutes of good, dreamy, mellow, spacey, noisy, (mostly) instrumental guitar rock. Much layering and echoing and building of atmospheric walls of sound. I like it. It’s groovy.

Game(s) of the Month:
November 2009 Game of the Month Bloons Tower Defense
A horrifyingly addictive series of games from Ninja Kiwi, the Bloons Tower Defense games are about various types of monkeys trying to pop balloons (“bloons” as they call them). There are 4 of these games released so far, and they get steadily better and better. If you like Tower Defense games, well, then here you go.

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