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Saturday, 8 March 2014

“Of the Month” March 2014

Tweeter of the Month:
chrissyteigen Chrissy Teigen
Yes, she’s a model, and yes, she’s married to John Legend. And, yes, she’s mostly nekkid in her Twitter profile picture. But she also happens to be whip-smart and one of the funniest people on Twitter right now. She is biting, acerbic, and very charming, and she has no fear of sliding into the vulgar and/or scatalogical territories of twitter (i.e., some NSFW stuffs). I enjoy it. Perhaps so can you to do?

Instagrammer of the Month:
jamesfrancotv James Franco

James Franco has always seemed a bit of a paradox; he comes off as a doofy, grinning, slacker type, but he periodically gets nominated for Golden Globes and Oscars and other prestigious acting awards. And then he appears on a soap opera. His Instagram feed is similarly all over the place, running from bizarre and funny things he’s found on the internets to plugging his appearance in Of Mice and Men on Broadway. But it’s all very friendly and personable, and like Franco himself, you can tell that no publicist or agent or manager has the tiniest bit of influence over what shows up:

Book of the Month:
bluberrygirl Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman wrote a poem, a prayer to a newborn little girl (the daughter of Tori Amos originally) that she may grow up to be strong, wise, independent, and fun:

Keep her from spindles and sleeps at sixteen;
Let her stay waking and wise.

There might be a four-month-old reason why this book resonates so much with me… it is seriously beautiful, with Charles Vess’s gorgeously detailed but not literal illustrations. Chokes me up a li’l. You know.

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Friday, 7 March 2014

New Article: Tweeting the Oscars

And the Tweet Goes To...

And the Tweet Goes To…

This year it seemed like Twitter upstaged the Oscars in some big ways. And I, yes, even I got in on the action. Earlier in the weekend I made a decision:

I then started a show-long joke that I doubt anyone actually got because (A) very few people follow me on Twitter and (B) it was a four-hour joke with a punchline that doesn’t really look like a punchline unless you know I was doing a joke. Let’s see if you can figure it out. Look closely at this first tweet, and then watch the time stamps on the following tweets.

Get it? The overall theme was that I would live-tweet the Oscars but miss the vast majority of it by making and eating dinner and then taking a two-hour bathroom break. Yeah, okay, it wasn’t that funny, but it sure was ambitious.

Twitter was actually a part of the Oscar ceremony in a big way this year. Host Ellen DeGeneres was very vocal about tweeting the goings-on, including her now-infamous, twitter-breaking, group selfie (more on that later). Gobs of the celebrities in attendance were tweeting the goings-on as well. But for me the real highlight of Oscar tweeting was Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen is a model and the wife of singer John Legend. She was on the cover of the 50th Anniversary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue:

Not only that, but she just happens to be whip-smart and one of the funniest people on Twitter. She also had my favorite dress of anyone at the Oscars:

She was very active on Twitter that night, which led to two of my favorite Twitter moments of the Oscars. She started out pretty normal:

But she soon made a rather critical spelling error in a tweet about Angelina Jolie:

Apparently her followers started to rib her something fierce about it, and she was understandably embarrassed:

But she quickly gave up and embraced it:

And after that it was on: finding a way to insert one or more scatological words in to celebrity names. In the span of the next couple of minutes we got:

  1. Bradley Pooper
  2. Leonardo dicraprio
  3. Amy Shatams
  4. Brad Shitt
  5. Angelina PooPee

And soon, of course, her fans joined in and sent her gems like:

  • Liza Shitsmelli
  • Steve Fartin
  • Anne Crapaway
  • Joseph Gordon-Levshitt
  • Natalie Pootman
  • Gwynneth Boweltro

After which Chrissy sagely observed:

But my absolute favorite part of the night came just a few minutes later, when Ellen DeGeneres created her group selfie tweet. She gathered a bunch of celebrities and took a photo (well, had Bradley Cooper take a photo), which she tweeted in an attempt to break the record for most re-tweets of a photo. It worked:

But one Katie Henderson, who was watching the television at that moment, noticed someone in the background with a camera raised…

Yes, that’s Chrissy Teigen behind everyone, taking a photo of a photo being taken! And here it is:

Well, I thought that was pretty durned awexome.

But anyway. Aside from the show-long lame joke that I concocted, there was another reason why I didn’t really live-tweet the Oscars. And that’s the fact that I actually really enjoy the Oscars. I always have. There’s a reason why I write an article about the Oscars every year. And sitting there with a phone or laptop in my hand, forcing myself to be funny/sarcastic about something that I genuinely enjoy experiencing just sounded like a special kind of Hell to me. So instead I made my cute li’l joke, sat back, and enjoyed the show.

I think Kris Straub said it best, so I’ll let this strip from his Chainsawsuit webcomic sum up my feelings:

Source: Chainsawsuit by Kris Straub.

Source: Chainsawsuit by Kris Straub.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being funny. People pay five bucks a head every weekend to see me be funny. But sometimes there’s nothing wrong with just putting Twitter down and being immersed in the moment. Try it sometime.

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