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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Animated Open Mike Eagle & Julie C

At beautiful Columbia City Theater.

At beautiful Columbia City Theater.

We went to a hippity AND hoppity show over the weekend, and (as is my nature) I made some animated .GIFs from the performances. Enjoy!

Julie C hosted the event, and she graced us with two songs! Wish she could have done more, but it was great to see her go. She has quite the stage presence, as can be seen by just how much she jumps around in this .GIF:

Go, Julie, go!

Go, Julie, go!

And here are some animations of Mr. Open Mike Eagle:

Mike at his board.

Mike at his board.

Go, Mike, go!

Go, Mike, go!

It was an enjoyable show, and Mike kilt it deed. Although with so many acts on one bill some of them went on a li’l too long. Well I’m pushing 40 now, and Carrie & I get tired starting around 11:00 PM.

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

O, There Will Be the Hippity AND the Hoppity at Columbia City this Saturday Night, Yes

Lots of the hippity hoppity happenity this Saturdaty.

Lots of the hippity hoppity happenity this Saturdaty.

HEY! What’re all y’all doing Saturday night? Well, if you’re in the South Puget Sound area, you should probably go see Fools Play Improv, because it’s their penultimate show before they must leave their venue in Olympia, so it might be your last chance for a while.

But if you’re not in a position to easily access Olympia on a Saturday night, then you shouldst prolly head to Columbia City Theater in Seattle to see a hippity-hoppity show of somewhat epic proportions!

Open Mike Eagle

It’s headlined by my pal Open Mike Eagle, and it’s emceed by the one-and-only Julie C, a mainstay of the Seattle indie hip-hop scene (and someone on whom my wife has a great big girl-crush).

The crushable Julie C.

The crushable Julie C.

There are also a great gob of other acts who will be performing on the stage, the only other one of which I’ve seen perform before is Graves33 (warning: video autoplay), whom I saw at an Open Mike Eagle show a couple years ago.

Open Mike Eagle @ Columbia City Theater hosted by Julie C (Facebook event)
Saturday, August 23rd 8:00PM
@ Columbia City Theater
4916 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118 (map)
21+, $10 (adv) $12 (door)

Should be a goot time!

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Protect This Place with Julia Massey!

Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount at Columbia City Theater!

Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount’s new video, live at Columbia City Theater!

Remember back in May when Carrie & I went and saw Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount perform at Columbia City Theater?

Well, JM+FFD had one of their songs, “Protect This Place” professionally filmed by the people who are making the motion picture Winning Dad. And that’s because JM+FFD wrote the soundtrack to Winning Dad. Here is the resulting video!

A couple of neat things about this video:

  1. Carrie & I are in this video! Since we were in the crowd when it was filmed, it only makes sense. We’re kinda hard to make out, but Carrie is wearing a red glow stick like a crown and I’m wearing a purple (of course) glow stick around my neck. Look!

    Here we are!

    Here we are!

  2. This video offers a rare glimpse at bass-player Geoff B. Gibbs’s massive pedal board! Just lookit this thing:
    Feet don't fail me now!

    Feet don’t fail me now!

And also neat is the song itself! I’m excited for this movie soundtrack to come out! YIKES!

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Monday, 19 May 2014

Julia Massey & The West at Columbia City Theater

Musical Ladies: The West and JMass!

Musical Ladies: The West and JM+FFD!

On Friday evening Carrie & I left the wee beb with the Grandparents and jetted on up to Seattle’s Columbia City Theater to see our friends do some of the rock and roll. And I took photos!

We arrived late enough that we only got to hear a couple of songs from the opening band, Bandolier, so apologies to them but I didn’t hear enough to really give them a fair review. Sounded good, though. You can listen to their musics on the Bandcamp.

Up next was The West. I’d only vaguely known of their existence prior to this. I think I saw their name on various show flyers around Seattle and on some Facebook events. But I knew nothing about them.

Turns out they are a very talented pop/rock/disco/dance quintet: guitar, bass, drums, and two keyboards (including a very cool Korg) and two vocalists, a husband-and-wife team (who are also the two keyboardists). Adrienne (pictured at the top left of this post), had a super-engaging stage presence and spent the whole set rockin’ out with her punkish outfit and fiery mop of red hair. They put on a very enjoyable show, so Carrie & I were really happy we got there in time to see them.

Plus, I made an animated GIF of them! Look at them go:

The West Animated GIF

The West: The Animated GIF!

Speaking of stage presence, Julia Massey was up next. Their set included the song they wrote for my baby daughter! Squee! I got some pretty good photos of them individually:

Julia Massey!

Julia Massey!

Geoff B. Gibbs!

Geoff B. Gibbs!

Dom "The Nizzle" Cortese!

Dom “The Nizzle” Cortese!

I tried to make an animated GIF out of Julia, but the series of photos I took were just too wobbly and it came out all crazy. So instead I made an Instagram video of Geoff playing the bass. My cameraphone couldn’t handle the volume of the music, so it sounds pretty crazy, but just look at Geoff’s hands go:

One of Julia’s songs was also filmed for some sort of video, so there’s a really good chance that Carrie I will be in it! I’ll keep you posted on that as I learn more myself.

At the end of the night I purchased The West’s album In Low Light on CD and showed the animated GIF to Adrienne. I posted it on their Facebook page when we got home, and they seemed pretty impressed:

Hooray! I’m SOMEONE!

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Dueling Shows! Incanus, Terrapin, & WIN95SE vs Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount!

Which One Will You See!?

Which One Will You See!?

Ho boy, folks, this Friday you’ve got a freakishly difficult decision to make. There are TWO COUNT ‘EM TWO excellent music shows happening in Seattle, both of which are just chock full of my musician friends. But they’re at the same time in two different venues! Gasp! You can only go to one! BUT WHICH ONE!? Let’s take a look:

(1) Incanus, Terrapin, & WIN95SE

The Josephine: as DIY as it gets.

The Josephine: as DIY as it gets.

Cruel as Kids show at the Josephine (Facebook event)
Friday, 5/16 9:00 PM
@ The Josephine
608 NW 65th, Seattle, WA 98117
$5 Age??

(2) Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount

Columbia City Theater: the epitome of class.

Columbia City Theater: the epitome of class.

That Pretty Theater Down South (CCT) (Facebook Event)
Friday, 5/16 8:00 PM
@ Columbia City Theater
4916 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
$8 21+


Well, it looks like Carrie & I are going to be going to the Columbia City Theater show. Why? Because as much as we love the people involved in the Josephine show, that venue frankly frightens us. See, we are old. And the fancy, comfortable, highly-professional Columbia City Theater makes us feel relaxed and safe. Whereas the underground, DIY, this-is-just-someone’s-garage, punk-kids vibe of the Josephine is not terribly attractive. We’re too old for that sh*t.

But that doesn’t mean you are! Whichever show you choose, you’re sure to hear some great effing musics. So choose one! Choosing neither is NOT AN OPTION!

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Catch The Jesus Rehab at Garage Voice’s Album Release This Thursday!

Garage Voice AMENIN Album Release

Garage Voice AMENIN Album Release

This coming Thursday 9/26 The Jesus Rehab will be joining Garage Voice as they release their new album “AMENIN” at the very beautiful Columbia City Theater (where I last saw Julia Massey, Mary Lambert, Shenandoah Davis, and a bunch of other talented ladies). Here is the Facebook event for the show.

Who is Garage Voice? Garage Voice is a local musical trio that is a fascinating fusion of crunchy, indie, Seattle-style garage rock, Memphis soul, and old-fashioned Gospel music. Seriously!

I was actually given a preview copy of “AMENIN” to listen to and it is some catchy stuff. This isn’t one of those Christian rock bands where they’re basically only trying to do missionary outreach stuff and think, “Hey, kids today seem to like the rock-and-roll music; why don’t we make some of that so they’ll listen to our message?” These songs, though they have religious/gospel overtones, are much more musically adept and are really about making good music rather than about trying to sneak some religion into heathen kids’ lives. Can you tell I have a big pet peeve about that? Well, you don’t have to worry about it with Garage Voice. Even if you don’t like Gospel’s good-news lyrics, you can still listen to Garage Voice’s good musics.

Don’t take my word for it; here’s a preview video Garage Voice made for “AMENIN”

TL;DR: If you can, you should probably check out the show.

Thursday, 26 September
Garage Voice AMENIN Album Release Show
with The Jesus Rehab and Baltic Cousins
At Columbia City Theater
4916 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118

21+ $8 adv / $10 door

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