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Friday, 20 March 2015

Great Ideas on the Internet: Alan Tudyk is a “Con Man”



Hey, you know Hoban Washburn Alan Tudyk, right? Well, he and his pal Malcolm Reynolds Nathan Fillion are making a show together! The premise might seem a little familiar: It’s about a couple of people who were on a prematurely-cancelled Science Fiction TV show that has a rabid cult following, and their adventures going to Science Fiction conventions.


Anyway, rather than doing this show through a network (Wash Alan and Mal Nathan have “trust issues” as they put it), they’ve decided to make it into a webseries WITH OUR HELP!

Here’s the funny pitch video from their IndieGogo campaign:

In case you aren’t able or don’t want to watch the video (what the EFF is wrong with you), it basically goes over the premise I just told you about, and also has some fun cameos by some geek icons you might recognize, like Seth Green, Felicia Day, and Gina Torres!


Felicia considers her options.

Listen, if you read my blog you probably already know about this. And I probably don’t have to tell you to help fund it because it’s already like 516% funded. But I can tell you that I am excited for when this thing gets released in whatever form it gets released. Just watch this preview!

So there you go. Funny, funny stuffs from some of your favorite all-time people all together again and making us happy.

This Con Man isn't out to cheat you. He's out to TREAT you! (I'm sorry)

This Con Man isn’t out to cheat you. He’s out to TREAT you! (I’m sorry)

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