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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Return of DuckTales

Oh, THESE guys...

Oh, THESE guys…

Hey, gang, did y’all know that Disney was re-booting the 80s classic cartoon DuckTales? You didn’t? Well, watch the just-released trailer here:

So I’m kinda pretty excited about this. There were a lot of good jokes in that trailer. I especially liked how everyone agreed which one of the nephews was the evil one.

Yeah, that one.

Yeah, that one.

There are also some great visual gags, like how there are just bags of money lying around the house as seen in the screenshot above. Also this super-quick shot of a map:

But that puffy guy is so cute!

But that puffy guy is so cute!

And the Launchpad gag at the very end is priceless.

Since I grew up with the original DuckTales, the new voices will take some getting used to. The nephews in particular are vast departures from the identical Donald-lite voices that they’ve traditionally had for decades. But it will be kinda nice that you’ll be able to tell them apart just by listening. It also looks like they’ll actually have defined characters instead of being mostly interchangeable. That’s nice.

David Tennant looks to have been a brilliant voice for Scrooge, even if he does sound just a tad too young for my years (like I said, it’ll all take some getting used to).

The new DuckTales does not yet have an official release date, just “mid-2017” (which is kinda vague). But I’m looking forward to it. I wonder if Capcom will make another excellent video game outta this one?

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Friday, 29 January 2016

What Video Game Will Be Played Live on Stage at Fools Play Speed Run?

Which will it be?

Which will it be?

THIS WEEKEND (1/30)!! Fools Play Improv is performing a really hilarious show that involves a bunch of improvised comedy scenes, as well as one of the Fools (spoiler: it me) playing and attempting to beat a classic video game live on stage between the scenes.

But which game will Fools Play choose this weekend? They’ve narrowed it down to five choices, and have made some videos that give you more information about each game full of historically inaccurate “facts” and half-truths and heaping loads of misinformation. Enjoy!

Super Mario Bros.:

The Legend of Zelda:

Ghosts N Goblins:


Mega Man 2:

But you’ll have to come to downtown Tacoma on Saturday night to find out which one I’ll be forced to struggle to beat for your amusement!

Fools Play Improv Presents: Speed Run (Faced Book Event)
Saturday, January 30th 8:00 PM
@ 924 Broadway, Tacoma, WA 98402 (map)
All-Ages, $10 (tickets)

I shall see ye there!

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Monday, 28 October 2013

A Very Happy Fools Play Trick or Treat 2013!

Last Saturday was Fools Play Improv‘s annual Halloween spectacular: “Fools Play Trick or Treat!” All the Fools dress up in costume, and we encourage the audience to do the same:

Fools Play Costumes Halloween 2013

Fools Play Costumes Halloween 2013

From left to right:

  • Kalum as: The first black astronaut to land on the moon (who was subsequently edited out of all the footage)
  • Andre as: Casey Jones from TMNT
  • Josh as: a Sim
  • Michael as: Huey, Dewy, and Louie pretending to be a completely normal adult
  • Hilary as: Hipster Ariel
  • “You” as: a Jack-o-lantern
  • Me as: A Yip-Yip alien from Sesame street!

I really like the way my costume came out. I don’t think it was the most original idea; I’ve seen photos of other people dressed up in Yip-Yip costumes. Personally I think Mike’s costume was the most creative of them all, but mine was more impressive from a production standpoint.

The Fools Play Audience Halloween Costumers 2013

The Fools Play Audience Halloween Costumers 2013

From left to right:

  • A very sexy witch
  • “Happiness” (the emotion)
  • A woman who is putting herself through veterinary school by stripping in the evenings
  • Judge Red Devil (a recurring Fools Play character)’s daughter
  • Herbert I. “Hi” McDunnough from Raising Arizona
  • A steampunk lady
  • A crazy doctor
  • A were-Wolverine

The H.I. McDunnough costume was uncanny, just spot-on, so it won the audience costume contest. The diapers and the pantyhose on the head and everything!

It was a very entertaining show (I thought) and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was so good to see Hilary there; hadn’t seen her since she had her son a few weeks ago!

Three Ninjas came down and also seemed to have a great time:

Three Ninjas at Fools Play

LL Cool Threeni

And, weirdly, the Yip-Yip alien seemed to be quite a hit with the ladies:

Yip-Yip & Devil

She-devils love themselves some aliens

Sexy Vet Stripper & Yip-Yip Alien

Veterinary student strippers love them some alien

And it was a show that was enjoyed by all ages, even babies!

No, that isn’t Hilary’s baby; it’s just a random baby from the audience

Hooray for Halloween! It was a great evening. It will also probably be my last Fools Play for several weeks, what with my own wee beb on the way and all. ^_^

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